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transportation software

Expert software solutions designed to fully automate the planning, optimization and execution of transport and logistic operations in any industry. All our transport solutions can be delivered as separate modules or as an integral part of AMCS Platform.

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improve efficiency, lower costs and reduce carbon emissions with intelligent transport software

Whether you are delivering, collecting, or a combination of the two, our software can increase efficiency and help you bring down transport costs and mitigate rising fuel costs and driver shortages – in any industry.

Our transport software brings together all the information you need about your fleet and associated assets. From planning and scheduling of pending jobs, real-time tracking of your fleet, to full tracking and validation of completed jobs.

Through advanced and flexible modelling capabilities and seamless integration with key business systems our software helps fleet operators plan, execute, monitor, and optimize operations for improved performance. Helping you maximize control for increased productivity, improved service levels, and reduced costs.

transport + logistics industries we serve


Effective planning and route optimization for efficient transportation of livestock, fodder, grain, seed and fertilizer. Helping to improve safety, boost productivity, and lower costs.

building materials

Innovative transport management solutions for a range of building materials. Delivering increased profitability and resilience across the construction industry.

food & beverage

Advanced transport software for the competitive food and beverage industry. Helping to reduce fuel costs, improve supply chain visibility, and boost productivity.

fuel distribution

Industry-specific transport solutions for efficient fuel and lubricants delivery, designed to improve visibility and boost profitability in the challenging oil, gas, and petrol distribution industry.


Integrated fleet management for all kinds of government owned vehicles. Ensuring cost-effective maintenance, increased fuel efficiency, and enhanced productivity across diverse assets.

last mile transport

Intelligent transportation management designed to streamline home delivery logistics and simplify last mile delivery. Helping you unlock key performance gains and ease pressure on margins.

powerful software for people transport

Digital fleet management for sustainable, cost-effective people transport. Improving school and city bus services, national coach networks, and door-to-door disabled transport.

trucking & intermodal

Smart solutions designed to simplify trucking logistics and streamline intermodal freight transport. Unlocking key efficiency gains and cost savings.

waste and recycling transport solutions

End-to-end solutions purpose-built to enhance the planning, optimization and execution of waste and recycling transport. Improving customer service and boosting profitability.

other transport industries

Route optimization solutions for efficient operations across a variety of industries that are facing complex logistic challenges

key business values

expertise you can trust

Draw on our global experience, 30 years of industry knowledge, and cross-industry insight. With over 4,900 customers in 80 countries, we already manage more than 700,000 vehicles.

supporting you to innovate

We help you drive lasting success by delivering customer-centric improvements and scalable and sustainable innovative solutions based on best practice.

best in class solutions

Improved transport efficiency through end-to-end digitalization, automation and advanced decision support.

software solutions

fleet maintenance

AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution enhances productivity at every level, saving your business costs and time.

route planner

For day-to-day planning, master routes and what-if scenarios, AMCS Route Planner delivers tools for increased efficiency and reduced emissions.

fixed asset maintenance

AMCS Field Services is the leading fixed asset management software enabling complex operations to perform the right work, at the right time and place, for the right reasons.

fleet telematics

AMCS Telematics delivers intelligent, data-based fleet management solutions for all vehicle types.

fleet dispatch software

From dynamic route planning to real-time optimization, AMCS Fleet Planner delivers digital solutions to simplify daily fleet dispatching.

oil & lubricant analysis

AMCS Sample Pro, Powered by Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, is the ultimate oil testing and health check for your assets.

fleet dispatch mobile technology

AMCS Mobile Web is a browser-based application designed to connect direct with AMCS Fleet Planner via smartphone or tablet.

guided route navigation

Purpose-built to boost efficiency and reduce fuel usage, AMCS Guided Navigation delivers turn-by-turn guidance for drivers on the move.

driver operated weighbridge terminal

The AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) supports cost-effective, unmanned scale house operation using RFID authentication.

vehicle technology

Intelligent vehicle technologies designed to cut costs and improve collection efficiency.

success stories

new york container terminal success story


Units in total


Inventory value

Gain valuable insights into AMCS Fleet Maintenance’s impact at maintaining NY Container Terminal’s unique array of rolling stock. Read the case study.

Silver Eagle Distributors success story





Silver Eagle Distributors has significantly reduced labor costs and enhanced shop productivity with AMCS Fleet Maintenance. Read the case study!

city of lemoore success story


Vehicle fleet


Annual savings

Learn how the City of Lemoore saved money and time maintaining 200 vehicles with AMCS Fleet Maintenance software. Read the case study!

feld entertainment case study


Tours simultaneously, worldwide



Maintaining a One-of-a-Kind Fleet, and Keeping Audiences Cheering, with AMCS Fleet Maintenance

Worldwide Flight Services success story





AMCS Fleet Maintenance keeps aircraft, cargo and people moving.

Republic Services success story




Collection companies

AMCS Fleet Maintenance helps trim $2 million from parts inventory for 5,500 truck fleet.


Reduction of trucks by



Operating every day

Returpack is the biggest player in the Swedish deposit-refund market. They are responsible for the collection, administration and deposits for 2,700 stores around Sweden.


Orders each week


Different items in the assortment

Scaling and Innovating in Online Grocery: How successfully uses AMCS Fleet Planner for growth optimization.



Increase of deliveries


Increase in revenue

Unicon has increased the number of deliveries per truck per day by 20- 25% and saw a 1-5% increase in revenue resulting from more accurate charging of waiting time.

Aalborg Portland

Reduction in number of planners by


Aalborg Portland has reduced the number of planners by 75% with AMCS Route Optimization.






Loomis Denmark is one of the leading cash handling companies in the Danish market. In 2005 the company invested in the route optimization system AMCS Route Planner, and now Loomis Denmark has increased the profitability of their cash distribution immensely.



Reduction in transport costs


Automatic planning process

The transport department at SPF-Selskabet specializes in the transport of health-certified breeding stock and young pigs. By implementing a planning solution from AMCS, SPF-Selskabet has completed an ambitious quality improvement and cost reduction process with excellent results.





DEK turnover

L’EASY is one of Scandinavia’s largest players for the sale and rental of white and brown goods. By implementing automatic planning with AMCS Fleet Planner, the business has increased efficiency in distribution, achieved greater capacity utilization and has also seen a significant improvement in customer services.


Less administrative work


Control of route costs has achieved increased customer satisfaction and large savings in the distribution.






Schulstad Denmark dates back to 1880 and has since worked on improving the Danish consumer bread culture with an emphasis on traditional bakery craft. From 3 bakeries and distribution centers, more than 800 employees daily produce and distribute to 2,700 retail customers planned on 110 routes and handled on 80 trucks.

Danish Crown


Decreased planning time


Cost reduction

Danish Crown, one of the world’s largest pork exporters, receives 14 million pigs a year in Denmark alone. In 2016 Danish Crown acquired a transport planning system from AMCS and made it available for all of their transporters. The goal was to reduce transport costs, have a real-time overview of the transport and to ensure a stable supply of pigs.



Reduced average mileage per delivery


Increased utilisation per vehicle

Lemvigh-Müller is the largest wholesaler within steel and technical installations in Denmark. Lemvigh-Müller employs 1,200 people and has a turnover of approximately 600 million euros. The company’s two primary business areas are technical installations as well as steel/metal and the product range consists of approximately 300,000 items.

ALBA Group




Customer collection points

With its two brands – ALBA and Interseroh – and a total of about 7,500 employees, ALBA Group operates within Germany, Europe, and Asia. With an annual turnover of approx. 1.8 billion euros (2016) ALBA Group is one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide

Rema distribution




pallets of consumer goods per year

Rema combines digital fleet planning and mobile solutions to support the company’s green agenda, scale their transport operations and triple the productivity of their planners.

morris county NJ success story




Square miles

Learn more about how AMCS Fleet Maintenance helped Morris County to replace the existing fleet with less costly models. Read the case study now!

scale your business with performance sustainability

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