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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.

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Irish software on the frontline of the circular economy

Technological capacity and a bold growth strategy have assured software solutions provider AMCS of a leading position in the global environmental, waste, recycling, and resource industries.


Livestock Transportation and Customer Service Levels

EU legislative framework aims to ensure the welfare of live animals during transport. You must take care to avoid injury and undue suffering of the animals, following specified requirements. This includes fitness of the animals, loading densities, journey and resting times, availability of water and food, transport organisation and requirements that the driver must meet. Your customers expect their haulers to meet those obligations. Failure to do so can lead to hefty fines, which vary across member states, from €25,000 in Germany to €2,000 – €13,000 in Denmark¹. The damage to a haulier’s reputation puts their business in jeopardy, with customers pulling their business to look for responsible transporters. And that’s where you come in.


Transporting livestock and CO₂ emissions

The EU’s Farm-to-Fork strategy launched in 2020. It provides measures and targets for each step along the food chain, including the welfare of animals during transportation. Minimising the time livestock spends on trucks is critical to their health and wellbeing. Of course, you know that. You also know that minimising that time involves planning around the production schedule of the slaughterhouse – or if breeding, accessing farms within agreed time windows and in the right sequence.


Evolution of MRF software and technology – discussion from Waste Expo 22


Why food waste is a problem all of us need to solve

Dealing with food waste is a solution to decrease climate damaging emissions, enables food to be shared more equitably between those who can afford and can’t afford it and also presents businesses with growth potential.


The opportunities for recycling and waste management businesses to help combat food waste

There is huge business growth potential for recycling and waste management companies when it comes to food waste.


User Experience Validation Programme

We are excited to announce an important new Programme that AMCS has developed to work more closely with our customers, on product design and roadmap innovation.


AMCS Cloud Security

This article is designed to give an overview of the cloud security employed by AMCS. It covers two areas, namely the application security features and the operational security systems used in the organization, to support product development and management.

9 - 12 May Event

WasteExpo 2022

Come join us at Booth #2038 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall to learn how to improve your operational efficiency with our smarter, innovative end-to-end solutions.

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