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Optimize Payment Processes

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AMCS payments solution, AMCS Pay, optimizes payment processes to reduce administrative costs and improve cash flow by enabling customers and suppliers to pay more quickly and easily.

Optimize Payment Processes with AMCS Pay

AMCS Pay is designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of the waste and recycling industry. It is an integrated omnichannel payment solution that provides the latest in industry payment technologies, security, and compliance as standard.

AMCS Pay Highlights 

  • Pre-integrated with AMCS Platform
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access the latest payment technologies
  • Feature-rich and premium services
  • Fraud management and customer security
  • Reporting tools

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Optimise Payment Processes with AMCS Pay

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The Cloud has helped many recycling and waste management businesses ride out the Covid storm by enabling remote working during the pandemic. These companies could continue to provide their services to municipal and commercial customers because customer service representatives, planners, and other office members were able to work from home.


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Optimise Payment Processes with AMCS Pay

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