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effective building materials transportation management software

Innovative transport management solutions for a range of building materials. Delivering increased profitability and resilience across the construction industry.

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tailored for time-sensitive deliveries

AMCS building materials transportation management software solutions are purpose-built for efficient transport of various types of building materials. Streamlining processes to facilitate accurate, cost-effective delivery of aggregates, cementitious materials, prefab products, timber, steel or even time-sensitive materials such as ready-mix concrete.

Sophisticated planning software enables you to work across multiple plants and production sites with real-time optimization for responsive deliveries, even for multi-compartment trucks. 

Equipped with dynamic data collection and intelligent analysis, your business is ready to face the challenges of increased urbanization. Delivering effective transportation management that will cut transportation costs and boost agility from day one.

construction solutions

fleet dispatch software

From dynamic route planning to real-time optimization, AMCS Fleet Planner delivers digital solutions to simplify daily fleet dispatching.

fleet maintenance

AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution enhances productivity at every level, saving your business costs and time.

oil & lubricant analysis

AMCS Sample Pro, Powered by Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis, is the ultimate oil testing and health check for your assets.

fleet telematics

AMCS Telematics delivers intelligent, data-based fleet management solutions for all vehicle types.

key business value drivers

boost efficiency

Reduce planning time and improve fleet utilization with automated transport optimization. Supporting intelligent load creation and live execution monitoring to increase agility. Minimize unplanned asset downtime with proactive maintenance.

increase profits

Achieve direct cost cuts and improved profits with our market leading and industry tailored transport optimisation engine and our comprehensive Fleet Maintenance solution. Enabling you to manage trucks and orders, organize loading and schedule dispatches for cost-effective delivery of any building materials.

harness growth

Respond to increased demand for building materials as the construction industry evolves. Real-time updated planning tools gives you the insight and tooling you need to manage and grow your business as the need for sustainable infrastructure rises.

When we receive an order, the system immediately calculates which site is the cheapest to deliver from. It knows all vehicle positions and qualifications at any one time, as well as the vehicles’ distances to the sites. We are therefore able to choose the optimal vehicle for order fulfilment very efficiently.

Knud Erik Busk, Transport Planner, Aalborg Portland

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Discover how transport optimization can increase efficiency and improve your profits.




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AMCS Fleet Maintenance brochure

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AMCS Route and Transportation Optimization


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success stories

Aalborg Portland

Reduction in number of planners by


Aalborg Portland has reduced the number of planners by 75% with AMCS Route Optimization.



Increase of deliveries


Increase in revenue

Unicon has increased the number of deliveries per truck per day by 20- 25% and saw a 1-5% increase in revenue resulting from more accurate charging of waiting time.



Reduced average mileage per delivery


Increased utilisation per vehicle

Lemvigh-Müller is the largest wholesaler within steel and technical installations in Denmark. Lemvigh-Müller employs 1,200 people and has a turnover of approximately 600 million euros. The company’s two primary business areas are technical installations as well as steel/metal and the product range consists of approximately 300,000 items.

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Discover how transport optimization can increase efficiency and improve your profits.

‘Sustainability in Transport’ Whitepaper

Navigating emerging trends and economic and environmental benefits of a sustainable approach

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