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metal recycling software

AMCS metal recycling software supports scrap metal companies in regaining control of their business by simplifying the complex process through digitalization.

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AMCS solutions for metal recycling

Managing a scrap metal recycling enterprise has become increasingly complex and competitive in the global economy. Compliance, inventory management, pricing, grading – each aspect of your business hinges on another. This complexity can breed inefficiency and dealing with outdated IT legacy systems and paper processes doesn't make it any easier.

For more than 30 years, AMCS has been helping metal recycling companies regain control of their metal recycling business by simplifying the complex through digitalization.


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Our platform for metal recycling will increase your overall operational efficiency, driving down costs and boost your profit margins. Find out how today.

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metal recycling brochure

Learn how AMCS Platform for Metal Recycling will streamline operational processes throughout your company, increasing both efficiency and profit margins.

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AMCS Platform for scrap yard businesses

Growing your scrap metal recycling operations can be hard when processes are manual and disconnected. Now you can automate, connect, and digitize all your processes with AMCS scrap yard software.

Our scrap yard software is a modern and integrated SaaS solution, seamlessly connecting your data and processes on one platform, reducing recycling costs and boosting your margin.

Transform, track and trade, your way to greater profitability in the new Circular Economy. Watch the video to learn more and download our brochure below.

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opportunities for metal recycling businesses

It’s during tough times when recyclers need to seize opportunities. Changing demand influences market factors, which in turn cuts into profit margins.

The more adversity you face, the more creative and innovative you should be, not just to survive, but thrive. It’s important to remember the opportunities ahead, which is why it’s critical that metal recyclers prepare now.

The metal recycling industry is projected to grow from US $52.1 billion in 2019 to the US $76.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 7.8% from 2020 to 2025. This growth is attributed to the demand for steel from developing countries as they continue to experience urbanization and industrialization.

now is the time to review your operations

Take a lead on sleeping competitors. You can do several things. Diversify and consider recycling other ferrous and non-ferrous materials. By diversifying, you can open up new revenue streams. What about your operating costs? How can you adapt to changing demands faster? How can you simplify the complexities of managing multiple locations?

it’s all about business agility

Each of these goals can be achieved by the ability to be agile. To be agile, you need to leave error-prone, manual processes behind and embrace digitalization. More than that, you need an ERP with the flexibility to enable fast time to market.

Make your transport operations more efficient. This is an area that’s always required high operating costs, and really, you should have addressed it a long time ago. But better late than never. Here again, digitalization is the answer. Best-in-class Intelligent Optimization will drastically cut your logistics costs while supporting operational and post-operational business processes.

It’s been done before. For instance, users of AMCS Intelligent Optimization, have saved up to 75% in administration planning time while reducing the number of trucks they put on the road by up to 15%. Other technologies can give you just-as-impressive results.

getting ahead with AMCS scrap yard / metal software

We enable rapid business transformation, helping more than 600 metal recyclers worldwide adapt to new market conditions. Our technologies are designed to protect your margins:

  • Changing prices
  • Complex pricing structures
  • Material quality and contamination
  • Downtime of facilities
  • Inventory management
  • Supplier communication
  • Safety and crime prevention

We’re also best placed to help make your recycling efforts more efficient for paper, wood, plastic, and textiles.

solutions for metal recycling companies

metal recycling software

Flexible ERP solutions designed to boost digitalization. Helping scrap metal recyclers worldwide to increase agility and embrace new business opportunities.

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enterprise management software

A complete Enterprise Management solution designed to increase profit and boost productivity for waste and recycling companies.

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EHSQ management

Increase your efficiency, compliance and safety for a sustainable future—with AMCS EHSQ Management, a proven system for every industry.

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metal recycling software whitepaper

learn more how our customers use AMCS solutions

Karle Recycling





Karle Recycling is a medium-sized disposal group with 200 employees. In their parent company Karle-Recycling deals with complete waste disposal, services, but mostly scrap metal. The AMCS/Recy solution is the heart of our operations and important for Karle Recycling. They improve all our processes in this solution.

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Kaatsch Recycling


CO₂ savings


For more than 70 years, the family-run Kaatsch Group has been committed to taking a proactive approach to the unique challenges of the waste disposal and recycling industry. Kaatsch currently operates six recycling companies with 200 employees and an annual turnover of around 160 million euros. In fact, recent studies showed that what Kaatsch does daily generates a savings of about 1.1 million tons of CO₂ annually.

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Recycling is the future and for that you need a good software partner

Lang Recycling




Reduced warehouse inventory

Lang Recycling stands for smart solutions in the field of metal recycling. They offer our customers from industry to medium-sized businesses, individual disposal concepts and implement these through carefully planned processes. In this way, they offer their customers added value and at the same time protect the environment.

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the global waste & recycling benchmark report

Download your copy to explore:

  • Top Industry Trends & Challenges

  • Adaptation & Change Management

  • Growth & Technology Investment

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Innovation to promote Sustainability and a Circular Economy

Press Release

AMCS Group to Host Customer Event at Headquarters in Limerick, Ireland

Press Release

Martin Ryan Haulage Drives Sustainable Fleet Maintenance with AMCS

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The Global Waste & Recycling Benchmark Report

Don’t miss out! Get access to expert analysis, survey results and industry trends.

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