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For day-to-day planning, master routes and what-if scenarios.

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Open your eyes to greater profit, productivity and CO2 reduction with our globally acclaimed Intelligent Optimisation software. We have automated hundreds of logistic companies around the world with our single platform approach. Join them in getting your dispatch and logistic business processes ready for the future. It is now more important than ever. Especially when continuity is on top of your list of most essential goals.

Get your business processes ready for the future

AMCS Route Planner is a powerful optimization system for optimization of distribution and collection routes. The system can be used for what-if simulations, master route creation, and for the daily optimization of distribution/collection routes and operations.

Our route optimization system is equipped with powerful optimization algorithms and the standard system can be configured to match the requirements of any industry, whether the basis is distribution, pick-ups, collections or a combination. Together with its intuitive user-interface, it forms the perfect solution for driving efficiency gains out of your transport business. With 25 years of experience of developing and implementing route planning solutions, AMCS offers high-quality products, utilized widely at industry-leading companies.

AMCS Route Planner is a highly advanced system for route planning able to handle among others the following constraints and demands:

AMCS Route Optimization

At AMCS we are taking things to the next level. With [AMCS] Intelligent Optimization you can operate with the agility your customers need, and have come to expect. Achieve the highest level of customer engagement and continuously improve your margins with our superior forecasting, time slotting and price optimization capabilities.

Routeplanner modules


The module AMCS Reporting provides the ability to closely monitor transportation management and the related business both on an overall level and in details via numerous KPI calculations. The AMCS Reporting module can, for example, be used to set up extended management/call center/logistics reports and/or advanced operational reports. As the layout and the content of the reports can be customer-configured, only relevant data is displayed to the relevant parties.

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Reports could for example include the following: Weekly trip report (overall level), daily trip report all vehicles (overall level), daily trip report (vehicle level), customer service (overall level), customer service (vehicle level), loading list publishing, warehouse activities, warehouse performance and forecast report.

The reports display the latest versions of the plans as well as historical data. Operational reports may serve as support to the plan inspections and to the decision-making process. Moreover, operational reports are a highly useful tool for planners who need to inspect complex data combinations during planning in real time.

Easy to access

The AMCS Reporting module is easy to access through web-browsers via a web dashboard or directly from the AMCS planning system. Data for in-lined real-time-based reports are derived directly from the system’s live data model but data can also be derived from the built-in data warehouse for in-lined data warehouse-based reports and reports accessed from web dashboard.

Naturally, AMCS Reporting can also export data to an existing data warehouse in the business to be consolidated with other data sources. The reporting tool used is typically Microsoft Reports but it is also possible to set up tailor-made report system dialogues where complex business logic is incorporated into the reports. In both circumstances data can be accessed directly from the data model or from the data warehouse. Naturally, for data warehouse-based reports these reporting tools can be substituted by the freeware reporting tool Jasper Reports or other reporting systems.


The module AMCS Geocoding possesses outstanding algorithms for automatic geocoding of address data. Based on address data the module automatically positions orders/customers geographically by assigning X and Y coordinates. Moreover, the module shows a report on the geocoding quality. Thereby, the user is enabled to verify positions and/or change suggested positions by spelling the address again or by pointing in the map.

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The AMCS Geocoding module serves purposes such as:

  • Automatic geocoding
  • Cleansing data
  • Searching addresses (auto-complete when typing address)
  • Verifying positions
In connection with AMCS Geocoding, AMCS’s component for distance calculation can be used for calculating distances measured in time and miles/km, based on the street network and the vehicle attributes. This distance matrix can be built incrementally by the system or in batches, depending on which type of solution is needed.

AMCS Geocoding is an embedded part of AMCS’s planning systems but it can also be used as a service-oriented component for external systems. An example of the latter could be geocoding during order-taking.

What if simulations

The module AMCS Analysis can be used for developing what-if-scenarios for strategic route planning. This is highly useful when analyzing, simulating and assessing the consequences in regards to possible changes to terminal structure/placement, selection of vehicle types, subdividing areas into territories, changing customer conditions, or in relation to transport negotiations and bidding.

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What if simulations

When analysing your distribution setup on a strategic level you need answers to questions like: How many terminals should we have and where should they be placed? Should we outsource the distribution? How many vehicles and which vehicles do we need next year? Should we reconsider the current customer service level/service level agreements to cut costs? What would the costs of accepting/bidding on a new customer be? And does our current haulier demand a reasonable price?

AMCS Analysis provides you with exactly the tool for answering all of these questions, assessing your long-term resource needs and evaluating the implications of any strategic decisions. The module is capable of making highly advanced calculations based on numerous factors and provides you with KPIs for the various scenarios, thereby helping you evaluate strategic scenarios and make the most optimal decision.

With AMCS Analysis, it is possible to:

  • Simulate what-if scenarios
  • Estimate long-term resource demand according to the expected level of activity
  • Calculate and define the desired service level provided to customers
  • Make reports of key performance indicators
  • Make budgets for future period
AMCS Analysis is a valuable part of AMCS’s planning systems but AMCS also offers strategic simulations on consultancy basis.

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The AMCS Route Planner solution optimizes hundreds of thousands of master route stops in one optimization, and second by second optimizes highly dynamic and real-time based routes.

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Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

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Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

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