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ESG software

Achieve your ESG goals with the AMCS Sustainability Platform, an integrated hub for enhanced sustainability management.

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we’re powering smart sustainability

Doing the right thing shouldn’t hold your business back. That’s why the AMCS Sustainability Platform offers intelligent ways to tackle today’s environmental, social, and governance challenges. 

Our all-in-one sustainability platform tracks a host of ESG metrics so you can do more with your ESG data. Helping you automate reporting, engage with stakeholders, and simplify ESG data management.

From climate accounting to water conservation and CSR, our secure, cloud-based platform brings everything together in one intuitive hub. Delivering data driven insights to inform your sustainability strategy and accelerate your path to net zero – without reducing profitability.

key benefits

map strategy

Direct your sustainability journey, map strategy, and vizualize progress towards your targets.

automate reporting

Capture and track data against ESG frameworks to understand and manage your environmental impact.

simplify compliance

Reduce risk, meet regulations, and set climate goals with reliable metrics and intelligent analysis.

discover performance sustainability

See for yourself how the AMCS Sustainability Platform converts complex ESG data into accurate, audit-ready reports and actionable insights.

software features

smart automation

Simplify data capture and reporting with increased automation and intelligent machine learning.

data security

Manage your data and communicate with stakeholders from our ISO 27001 and GDPR certified SaaS platform.

scalable architecture

Meet current and future regulations with tools to track and improve your sustainability goals.

the all-in-one platform for profitable sustainability

Making positive change is easy with our integrated ESG data management platform, providing a holistic view of impacts and a clear path to improve your sustainability.

Streamline climate action and carbon accounting with tools to simplify disclosure and highlight net zero progress. Assess and predict risks with water management software based on accurate tracking and expert analysis. Or create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace with automated DEI data collection.

With AMCS you can do all of the above in one easy and intuitive platform – making impactful change more profitable and more sustainable long term.

software modules

carbon accounting

Simplify carbon management and GHG disclosures with data collection tools and automated reporting.

carbon accounting

Take control of climate data with intelligent data collection tools. Our surveys, forms, and APIs centralize your Scope 1, 2 and 3 data including stationary and mobile combustion, waste, water, and land use.

Our solution is pre-loaded with emission factors from global agencies and fully aligned with the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064, making it easy to establish a credible GHG inventory. We also help you identify and manage emissions hotspots with software that analyzes your financial and operational data to reveal useful insights. 

With a fully auditable and transparent carbon software solution that automates reporting to TCFD, CDP, SASB, GRI, GRESB, and more, AMCS helps reduce your reporting burden, taking your ESG reporting cycle from months to days.

climate action

Reach your net zero targets with software based on accurate data and powerful machine learning.

climate action

Build your net zero strategy on a secure foundation using intelligent data collection and calculation tools. Our software generates a historical GHG inventory that serves as the basis for setting individual or SBTi targets, including net zero target year, interim targets and commitments.

With tools to model scenarios and visualize outcomes, we help you appreciate how each action can reduce or neutralize emissions. Our scenario analysis tools help you accurately predict outcomes for various fuel types, quantities, distances, and renewable energy credits.

When every action can make a difference, AMCS helps you mobilize your team with interactive tools to highlight progress and maximize engagement.

emissions management

Take the guesswork out of Scope 3 reporting with effective emissions management software.

emissions management

Transform complex climate data into simple, actionable insights with our ESG software platform. Working with direct and indirect emissions across all 15 Scope categories, we help you unify emissions data from suppliers anywhere in the world.

With a powerful calculation engine and gap detection tools, we help you reduce exposure by identifying supplier hotspots. Ensuring you can build vital contingency plans and establish benchmarks to drive smarter supplier choices.

To simplify climate disclosure, built-in frameworks like TCFD, CPD, or GRI streamline voluntary and regulatory reporting. Ensuring you meet current reporting requirements and prepare for emerging legislation with a scaleable solution designed to grow with your ESG program.

water management

Understand your water impacts and mitigate risks with our water management software.

water management

Assess and predict your water risks based on accurate data tracking. Our software helps you capture water consumption and return data from across your operations, using analytics to highlight hotspots for your green, blue, and gray water footprints. 

We simplify compliance with relevant water regulations, supporting water frameworks such as the UN Water Mandate, CDP – Water, SASB, and the Water Footprint Network. 

And as new regulations emerge, our scaleable solution is ready to adapt with geography-based datasets and risk analysis that can determine the operational impacts of your company. Ensuring AMCS can help you demonstrate your commitment to responsible water management as you control your water impacts in the communities where you operate.

ESG insights

Use your data to align corporate responsibility and environmental, social, and governance goals.

ESG insights

Measure the metrics that matter with materiality and strategy tools that help you identify and manage any critical sustainability aspect in a single platform.

For example, we can help you create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, automating DEI data collection to identify and manage trends and risks in employee hiring, turnover, and satisfaction. 

We can help you measure your community impact and meet corporate promises bydelivering a single solution that unites corporate social responsibility and ESG goals to improve the life of your employees, customers, and community.

reporting frameworks

Built-in reporting tools help you prepare reports quickly and easily according to global frameworks.

reporting frameworks

Prepare reports according to multiple global frameworks with out-of-the-box framework reporting tools and advanced audit features. 

The AMCS Sustainability Platform simplifies reporting according to CDP, ESRS, GRI, SASB, SBTi, TCFD, UN SDGs, and more. 

Combining pre-programmed frameworks, custom KPI dashboards, gap reporting, and scenario analysis, our all-in-one platform helps you simplify compliance and move beyond regulations to set and achieve your own ESG goals.

The platform’s ease-of-use, data aggregation capabilities, as well as robust analytics and data visualization and reporting really stood out during our product evaluation.

Keila Hand, Managing Director and Head of ESG, Quantum Energy Partners

making a difference

We’ve already tracked more than 7 billion tons of CO2e emissions for clients.

But that’s not where it ends. Our comprehensive platform helps you build an ESG strategy beyond emission tracking, tailored to your needs.

From hospitality to healthcare, manufacturing to waste management, and automotive to energy, we’re helping impact-focused organizations achieve their ESG goals.

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discover performance sustainability

See for yourself how the AMCS Sustainability Platform converts complex ESG data into accurate, audit-ready reports and actionable insights.