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digital solutions fo construction & demolition companies

An end-to-end waste management solution purpose-built to drive efficiency and increase profitability in collection and processing of construction and demolition (C&D) material.

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software solutions to increase efficiency

Our cloud-based software platform delivers scalable, integrated ERP solutions to the construction and demolition industry. Helping you streamline operations and extract maximum value through digitalization.

Our flexible platform optimizes all processes, reducing complexity for waste collection, recycling activities, and material trading, simplifying both frequency-based and on-call services.

 With enhanced visibility and increased control, construction and demolition customers can:

  • Simplify customer relationship and contract management
  • Manage complex pricing and price-indexing
  • Optimize schedule planning and dispatch
  • Integrated driver mobile application support 
  • Streamline billing and accounts management

Dynamic reporting and intelligent optimization support future-ready C&D companies to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency and customer service, and drive sustainability.

one platform to support the waste management of construction and demolition businesses

Our single-platform solution supports industrial, construction and demolition waste companies to increase efficiency and adapt swiftly to rapidly changing customer needs.

Combining innovative technologies and best-practice processes, AMCS Platform helps you safeguard the future of your business through expert digitalization to:

  • Reduce planning time by 75%
  • Improve customer satisfaction by 33%
  • Cut costs and reduce CO2 with 15% less trucks

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Learn how AMCS Platform will reduce your business costs, increase profits, customer service and operational efficiency.

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AMCS Platform for construction & demolition brochure

C&D solution is designed to meet changing needs. Read more on how this industry specific solution can help your business

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our solutions for construction & demolition companies

customer service portal

A smooth-running customer service portal built to maximize self-service, boost customer satisfaction, and cut call center costs.

waste management & recycling ERP software

The AMCS Platform is an intelligent ERP software platform designed to help waste and recycling companies increase efficiency, reduce costs, and embrace greater automation.

EHSQ management

Increase your efficiency, compliance and safety for a sustainable future—with AMCS EHSQ Management, a proven system for every industry.

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smart solutions to maximize profitability

With rapidly changing customer requirements and mounting environmental pressures, waste management in the construction and demolition industry has never been more challenging. 

AMCS Platform helps C&D businesses excel in this environment by driving digitalization, facilitating the efficiency, agility and profitability that will enable them to take the lead. 

Our end-to-end enterprise grade ERP is designed to help you embrace automation and reduce costs, delivering increased visibility to help you take control of profitability.

optimize for efficiency

Extract maximum value from available budgets with dynamic route optimization, time slotting, container management, and real-time visibility of collection progress. Instant access to customer and service data also helps you handle queries faster, minimizing costly repeat journeys and improving customer satisfaction.

streamline customer services

Minimize call center interaction with innovative on-line self-service solutions as well as automated notification messages. Easy access to information such as collection frequency, service history, complaints or billing status improves customer satisfaction, while online payment channels improve your cashflow and simplify payment.

AMCS Platform for construction & demolition brochure

a future-proof SaaS solution for construction waste management

Our cloud-based, enterprise-grade platform supports you in working smarter with scalable solutions that facilitate rapid business transformation in the construction waste management sector.

From enterprise to SMB companies, here’s how AMCS waste management software helps C&D companies adapt swiftly to new markets and sector challenges:

1. Software as a Service

Our cloud-based, SaaS technology requires no server hardware or additional IT investment. Unlike on-premises software, we maintain and update our offering automatically, scaling it with your needs to ensure your business is equipped for growth.

2. rapid implementation

With pre-configured settings for easy on-boarding and rapid implementation, set up takes weeks, not months. Our off-the-shelf solution is built for connectivity with a secure and reliable range of integration services and APIs to connect with third-party solutions where required. Ensuring you achieve a return on investment within 6 to 12 months.

3. automatic accuracy

Automated scale weighing and container identification ensures you know the correct weight for every container lifted. Helping you determine the price charged while measuring the margin per customer to eliminate revenue leakage and control costs.

4. field-based solutions

Our on-board computer solutions and in-cab tablets increase efficiency and accuracy by reducing manual data input. Staff are supported by digital schedule updates, real-time addition of ad hoc orders, and instant access to customer information.

5. automated pricing engine

Increase your revenue and maximize margins with our intelligent pricing engine. Options such as price optimization and time slotting help you tailor your service, while our analytics suite ensures you have the business intelligence to maximize financial return and boost customer satisfaction.

6. innovative eCommerce options

Our customer portal enables customers to manage their accounts online 24/7, improving your cash flow by enabling faster payment while also reducing calls by up to 30%. This is how you improve customer satisfaction by up to 33%.

ready to see what AMCS can do for your business?

Learn how AMCS Platform will reduce your business costs, increase profits, customer service and operational efficiency.

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AMCS Waste Planner Lite (C&D C&I) brochure

C&D Waste collection made easy.

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the global waste & recycling benchmark report

Download your copy to explore:

  • Top Industry Trends & Challenges

  • Adaptation & Change Management

  • Growth & Technology Investment

Don’t miss out! Get access to expert analysis, survey results and industry trends.



Innovation to promote Sustainability and a Circular Economy

Press Release

AMCS Group to Host Customer Event at Headquarters in Limerick, Ireland

Press Release

Martin Ryan Haulage Drives Sustainable Fleet Maintenance with AMCS

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success stories

AMCS Platform

Cascades Recovery+





The Cascades, a Canadian company founded in 1964, recovers and re-uses resources, especially fiber from paper products, which then become the raw materials for some 500 packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fiber.

AMCS Platform

ALBA Group




Customer collection points

With its two brands – ALBA and Interseroh – and a total of about 7,500 employees, ALBA Group operates within Germany, Europe, and Asia. With an annual turnover of approx. 1.8 billion euros (2016) ALBA Group is one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide

AMCS Platform


Reduction of trucks by



Operating every day

Returpack is the biggest player in the Swedish deposit-refund market. They are responsible for the collection, administration and deposits for 2,700 stores around Sweden.

related solutions

AI material contamination & overfilled detection

AMCS Vision AI is an artificial intelligence-driven solution designed to digitize images of materials to identify contamination and provide operators with automated insights. Plus, reduces the risk of revenue leakage due to overfilled containers by automating image records of containers.

grading & quality evaluation

The AMCS Grading and Quality software is designed to simplify quality management and boost profitability.

ESG management

The all-in-one AMCS Sustainability Platform is integrated, secure, and future-proof. The modular software is ready to support your program today and scalable to meet the ESG and climate disclosure challenges of tomorrow, for SEC, CSRD and beyond

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AMCS Platform for construction & demolition brochure

The Global Waste & Recycling Benchmark Report

Don’t miss out! Get access to expert analysis, survey results and industry trends.

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