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AMCS Academy: Customer Learning

Fostering skilled and confident AMCS Platform users

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The AMCS Academy provides customers and their employees with comprehensive training to prepare them for using the AMCS Platform.

The Academy’s bite-sized micro-courses bring a lively pace and energy to learners’ sessions, along with the freedom to retake courses at any time and to browse other courseware tracks that piques their interest.

Courses are organized into curricula for each work center in AMCS Platform, making it easy to find relevant content.

The Platform itself provides a bonus In App Guides feature, embedded in the system and accessed via the familiar Help icon. Its content is context-sensitive, providing guidance on actions and features for the task at hand.

Engaging Micro-Learning

The Academy’s leading-edge micro-learning structure provides relevant and engaging content that is attuned to today’s learner, with the flexibility to access the Academy 24x7 from any device.

Content is divided into units containing bite-sized micro-courses — each typically under 10 minutes long — for quick progress, better retention and frequent natural break points that allow for shorter training sessions.

For example, the Customer Service unit on managing customer communication consists of 7 micro-courses ranging from 3 to 10 minutes in duration, followed by a brief assessment. Fast and to the point.

Courses for Every Work Center

AMCS Platform uses work centers to group activities and functions for each area of your business, such as Customer Service, Accounting, and Scale. Each work center has its own curriculum in Academy. Are you a Customer Service Representative using AMCS Platform for the first time? Our Customer Service curriculum will teach you everything you need to know – from setting up customer accounts, to dealing with orders, and managing payments and invoicing.

Or perhaps you need a quick refresher on running a report? Simply open the Reports & Analytics curriculum and you’ll find lessons on creating and modifying different types of reports.

In addition, Academy provides “What’s New in this Release?” curricula providing videos and other materials on new features and enhancements so you’ll always be up-to-date.”

Quick-Start Training

After signing on for the Platform and subscribing to the Academy, the customer works with AMCS to onboard the staff. Then training begins and employees log on from any device — from anywhere — at any time!

Whether trainees are new hires or old pros, the AMCS Academy delivers the latest in training technology, a perfect match for the AMCS Platform.

AMCS Academy Training

The AMCS Academy provides customers and their employees with comprehensive training for using the AMCS Platform. Sign up to receive a comprehensive training plan from AMCS to get the most from the Platform.