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Global Customer Support

For Customer Support you can log onto our Customer Portal below. Alternatively, you can call or email us on your local Support contact details listed below.

Login Customer Support Portal

Dear Valued customer,

At AMCS we value you and want to ensure that your experience with our support team meets or exceeds your expectations. To help us to partner with you, we would like to ask you to always fill out the surveys you receive and secondly let us know if you feel you are not getting best in class support.

Your feedback through our brief surveys helps us in two ways. First to identify and celebrate our customer service champions, and secondly to identify where AMCS can do better in in serving your needs. Your feedback will help our Support leadership team to evaluate the opportunity as it relates to our people, processes, tools, and training.

If you feel your case is taking too long, you are not receiving frequent & informative communications, or your case was inadvertently closed without being resolved, please let us know by using the “Escalate” button within the Customer Support Portal or CALL the Help Desk and we will do the work for you. If you choose to escalate via the Customer Support Portal, please let us know what your concern is so that we can take the appropriate actions.

AMCS Customer Support Portal:

Click the link below to log into the Customer Support Portal:

Login Customer Support Portal

If you don't have a login to the Customer Support Portal yet, please email:

AMCS Support Phone Numbers:

  • Ireland: +353 61 390686
  • North America: 1 800 962 9264
  • Germany: +49  89  327 154  60
  • UK: +44 871 284 7174 – Option 1
  • Denmark: +46 771 43 57 33 75
  • Sweden: +46 10 155 08 00
  • The Netherlands: +31- 88 002 18 87
  • Australia: +61 2 9499 6222
  • New Zealand: +64 9884 9800

How to raise a Support case in the Customer Portal

When you enter a case through the Customer Support Portal please fill in the following questions so we can begin work on your case quicker. The following questions will help to reduce the need for us to try and contact you for additional information.

  1. Short problem description: Two or three sentences that clearly explain the issue or request
  2. Product/Service:
  3. Which version:
  4. What steps were taken to get to the issue that is occurring?
  5. What should have occurred?
  6. Is there an error message? Paste error message(s) here
  7. Problem Intermittent or constant?
  8. Has this worked/existed before?
  9. When did this begin?
  10. Is there a workaround?
  11. Number of impacted users
  12. Any recent changes implemented?
  13. Can you reproduce the issue?

Delivering a fast and exemplary customer support experience

We understand how critical AMCS Platform and our software solutions are to the success of your business, and we are committed to delivering a fast and exemplary customer support experience. Our team of support engineers are based in nine locations across the world, to provide you with technical support if or when you need it.

AMCS Global Customer Support locations are:

  • Asia: Chennai (India) and Cebu (Philippines)
  • Australia and New Zealand: Sydney (Australia)
  • EMEA: Limerick (Ireland), Amsterdam, Molenhoek (Netherlands), Munich (Germany) and Skara (Sweden)
  • North America: Jacksonville (Florida)

Support that protects your technology investment

AMCS support engineers are highly qualified and experienced in the software and technology investments you have made to ensure your business success. Our support engineers undergo continuous product training, education and organizational support to provide you with an optimum and professional service experience 24/7.

Furthermore, AMCS are certified in ISO9001, SOC 1 and SOC 2, assuring customers in the high quality of controls, processes and systems within our organization.



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