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Driver Operated Weighbridge Terminal

Smart, driver-assisted terminals designed to support cost-effective, unmanned scale house operation.

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Improving weighbridge efficiency

The AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT) supports reliable, 24/7 weighbridge operation, delivering an efficient, self-serve experience that supports secure, unmanned scale house operation.

Designed to automate inbound and outbound scale house transactions at landfills, transfer stations, MRFs, and material handling operations, the AMCS driver-operated weighbridge terminal helps you introduce a more profitable, ‘always-open’ model.

To support your business, and enable an always-open business model, we have developed the AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT). The AMCS DAT automates inbound and outbound scale house transactions at landfills, transfer stations, MRFs, and other material-handling operations.

The system authenticates each driver through an RFID card, which grants access to and from the facility. The system automatically identifies the job the driver is assigned to and captures weight against the job. A ticket is provided at the time of weighing in and out as proof of service. The centralized ERP system is then updated in real-time where the information is available for billing.

Ensuring waste and recycling operators are equipped to:

  • Provide an ‘always open’ weighbridge operation
  • Reduce costs and simplify resourcing
  • Mitigate risk and reduce revenue leakage
  • Increase efficiency with faster processing

By digitizing and automating scale house operation, the AMCS driver-operated weighbridge terminal provides rapid processing in as little as 7 seconds.

Driver access is authenticated via an RFID card with assigned jobs identified automatically. Weight data is then captured easily against each job, with a printed ticket as proof of service. A real-time connection to your ERP also ensures faster, more accurate billing.

With seamless solutions for your unmanned scale house, the AMCS driver-assisted terminal increases productivity, simplifying 24/7 weighbridge operation to accelerate your top-line growth.

DAT Highlights:

  • Self-serve inbound & outbound transactions for schedule-type operations, route commercial and domestic collections
  • Integrates to centralized ERP system for real-time data exchange with the driver
  • Integrates with multiple systems including RFID and scale indicators
  • Color touch screen, large text and simple-to-understand prompts and screens facilitate and drive efficiency in operations

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Driver Assisted Terminal Brochure

Learn how AMCS DAT supports a reliable, driver-operated weighbridge terminal operation for enhanced efficiency and more profitable materials management.

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Seamless self-service

Our Driver Assisted Terminals simplify scale house transactions, providing seamless digital solutions to integrate, automate, and optimize unmanned weighbridge operation.





Business Value Drivers

Revenue Assurance

Improve profitability and minimize resourcing costs with secure, unmanned weighbridge operation.

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Revenue Assurance

Increase your revenues with real-time weight data, allowing you to accurately track and record material during inbound and outbound scale house transactions.

With an ‘always-on’ self-serve scale house, operators can eliminate manual updates, reducing revenue leakage and increasing efficiency at landfills, transfer stations, MRFs, and other material handling operations.

Scalable Architecture

Streamline scale house operation with a driver assisted terminal designed to support 24/7 landfill or recycling business models.

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Scalable Architecture

AMCS DAT provides a reliable, secure solution for effective self-serve weighbridge operation.

Our easy to install hardware enables rapid scale house ticket creation while capturing accurate weight data against individual jobs for accurate accounting.

Equipping your scale house with a flexible, unmanned solution to boost productivity and facilitate growth with new, ‘always-on’ business models.

Business Digitalization

Boost productivity with digital weighbridge solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with resource planning software.

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Business Digitalization

Facilitate faster scale house processing with self-serve inbound and outbound transactions for schedule type operations, route commercial and domestic collections.

Integrate scale data with a centralized ERP system in real-time for more efficient billing and a more accurate financial overview.

Ensuring AMCS DAT delivers a faster scale house service and increased efficiency in your waste and recycling operations.

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Driver Assisted Terminal Brochure

Learn how AMCS DAT supports a reliable, driver-operated weighbridge terminal operation for enhanced efficiency and more profitable materials management.

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