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Digital Platform for Waste, Recycling, Complex Logistics & Utilities Solutions

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Resources (Waste & Recycling) Complex Logistics Utilities

We are AMCS. Digital ways to a cleaner world

We are AMCS. Creators of the AMCS Platform: an enterprise grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of customers with some of the most complex logistics operations in the world. Our platform is inspired by market trends, driving automation and delivering end-to-end standardisation and optimisation of all your business processes. We enable our clients across the globe to automate, de-carbonize and optimize the most challenging logistics across the waste and recycling and other highly complex resource distribution operations, from fuel and building materials to food and livestock.




Scalable SaaS platform

A platform that enables established waste & recycling companies to operate smarter, more seamlessly and more digitally. With this platform we have created an ultra-modern, scalable platform that marries industry-specific software with best-in-class optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity and on-vehicle technologies. We empower our customers with an intelligent platform that predicts and actions, whilst supporting the ongoing transformation of the industry to a circular economy.

Industry-specific solutions

You need solutions that address your industry’s own specific challenges. AMCS has the capability to do just that, whether your industry is Waste, Building Materials, Oil and Gas, or any sector where logistics isn’t simple. The AMCS Platform supports our industry-specific Planner module, which delivers significant cost and carbon emission savings.

You’re looking at reducing operational costs by 5–15%. Better quality routes. All industries with complex logistics, especially those with tight time windows for deliveries, can expect higher customer satisfaction levels. Our digital solutions also reduce the time needed for planning, registration, and follow-up by up to 60%.  

Experts at what you do

Where other providers might dabble in your industry, at AMCS, our focus is solely on logistics for Waste, Building Materials, Oil and Gas. No one is better placed to help you achieve your goals with state-of-the-art software and technologies. We’ll work with you from the very beginning, through installation and end support.

AMCS Customers

We empower our customers with an intelligent platform that predicts and actions, whilst supporting the ongoing transformation of the industry to a circular economy.

AMCS Platform animation

At the foundation of the AMCS Platform is a cloud architecture, that enables you to construct and scale a rock-solid and secure enterprise management system for all of your businesses.

Where others offer siloed solutions, AMCS offers an end-to-end integrated platform with 6 core solution areas on a single platform designed to interoperate seamlessly.

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Customer Case Studies

ALBA Group




Customer collection points

With its two brands – ALBA and Interseroh – and a total of about 7,500 employees, ALBA Group operates within Germany, Europe, and Asia. With an annual turnover of approx. 1.8 billion euros (2016) ALBA Group is one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide

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reduction of trucks by



Operating every day

Returpack is the biggest player in the Swedish deposit-refund market. They are responsible for the collection, administration and deposits for 2,700 stores around Sweden.

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Collections per route


Stars in reviews

AES is a leading provider of waste management and recycling services in Ireland. The collection routes used to be planned by the drivers, resulting in inefficient routes, missed bins, and dissatisfied customers. AES decided to buy AMCS' Route Planner. Transport optimization is performed with Route Planner, resulting in spectacular cost savings and highly improved customer service.

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AMCS Vision AI

AMCS Vision AI is our artificial intelligence driven, computer vision solution designed to digitize images of resource streams and service events to provide operators with automated and continuous insights.

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Intelligent Optimization

Route optimization enables businesses to deliver a significant cost reduction in fuel, wages and more

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Enterprise Management - ERP software

Open your eyes to greater profit and productivity

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Contract Management

Increase competitiveness, revenue, market share and margin

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Metal Recycling Software

Flexible ERP solutions designed to boost digitalization. Helping scrap metal recyclers worldwide to increase agility and embrace new business opportunities.

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AMCS Platform

The AMCS Platform is an enterprise-grade, end-to-end, cloud based waste management software solution purpose-built for the Waste & Recycling industry.

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14 - 15 Sep Event

Join us at RWM 2022

Come join us at Stand H140 at the NEC in Birmingham to learn how to improve your operational efficiency with our smarter, innovative end-to-end solutions.


Newsweek Article: Irish software on the frontline of the circular economy

Technological capacity and a bold growth strategy have assured software solutions provider AMCS of a leading position in the global environmental, waste, recycling, and resource industries.


Millennials and the Future of our Environment

Millennials are fast becoming the most talked about generation. According to the World Economic Forum, they currently make up around 23% of the world population, making them the largest adult cohort worldwide. With a spending power of over $1 trillion in the US alone, it’s little wonder that this generation is getting noticed. What they buy (and how they buy it) will shape the economy. But as Millennials dispose of the items they purchase, we ask ‘what impact will Millennials have on the waste industry?’

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Industries we serve

Our platform offers relevant solutions for various industries

AMCS Platform for Recycling Companies

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for recycling, material trading and (international) export of raw materials.

Material Recovery Facility

Smart, end-to-end SaaS solutions support material recovery facilities (MRFs) to improve visibility, increase efficiency and drive sustainability in the circular economy.

Construction & Demolition

AMCS offers a complete waste management solution for Construction & Demolition activities, waste collection services, managing transfer stations, recycling activities, landfills and support material trading.

Commercial & Industrial Waste Management

Gain visibility and control on the key metrics that drive the profitability of your routes. C&I waste companies need agility to respond to ever-changing conditions. Becoming agile means embracing a digital transformation, not partially, but all the way.

Municipal Waste

AMCS offers a complete end-to-end waste management software solution for Municipal, Residential, Environmental and Sanitation departments.

Paper Recycling

A complete enterprise management solution, purpose-built for paper recycling companies. Providing enhanced visibility, improved efficiency and greater agility.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

Let AMCS show you how to optimize your operations to increase profits, improve efficiency and grow your business

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