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fleet dispatch software

From dynamic route planning to real-time optimization, AMCS Fleet Planner delivers digital solutions to simplify daily fleet dispatching.

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optimized for efficiency

AMCS Fleet Planner delivers a smart solution for real-time route planning and effective optimization of transport operations. Helping you increase distribution and collection efficiency in any industry.

From dynamic route planning to real-time execution and optimization, our software delivers digital solutions to drive automation and simplify daily dispatching. Providing enhanced visibility and increased control to:

  • Reduce mileage, CO2 emissions and driving time by 5-20%
  • Reduce the number of vehicles by 5-10%
  • Decrease planning time by 25-75% and cut administration time
  • Significantly improve customer service and visit accuracy

With intelligent real-time optimization, AMCS Fleet Planner delivers the tools to increase agility in demanding transportation environments. Supporting future-ready transport companies to reduce costs, improve service levels, and drive sustainability.

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Discover how AMCS Fleet Planner can reduce costs and maximize profits with real-time route planning and effective transportation optimization.

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Fleet Planner brochure

Download the Fleet Planner brochure to find out how route optimization can reduce mileage, minimize drive time and cut CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

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improving margins on every route

Our single-platform solution simplifies transport operations, helping dispatch and collection businesses to increase efficiency and boost agility.

Combining in-cab technologies with best-in-class planning, AMCS Intelligent Optimization covers the entire transportation process to:

  • Simplify fleet management
  • Optimise pricing and route densities
  • Refine scheduled services

Creating efficient yet reliable supply chains that not only support a sustainable future, but also improve customer engagement and increase your margins.

Fleet Planner modules

Fleet Planner overview

Simplify real-time route planning, transport optimization and dispatching of distribution and collection routes in any industry with AMCS Fleet Planner.

Fleet Planner overview

This user-friendly system provides a complete overview of all transport with access to Gantt charts, order banks, route lists and digital maps. Its manual and automatic planning functions simplify planning and optimize daily collections and distribution/pickup for optimum efficiency.

With powerful real-time optimization tools, Fleet Planner is designed to increase agility and productivity in demanding and dynamic planning environments. Simultaneously delivering improved service levels and impressive cost savings.

In action, AMCS Fleet Planner enables users to plan for long periods, or as little as one day, through incremental planning. In operation, incremental planning is combined with real-time planning, during which Fleet Planner communicates with both ERP and vehicles’ mobile systems. As real-time data is exchanged, plans are substituted by history logs containing detailed transport KPIs.

For optimum savings, AMCS Fleet Planner supports efficient resource rostering to allocate resources effectively as well as depot and disposal site management. This ensures that the cost of lifting products at source depots, and the cost of disposing, are balanced against transportation costs.

Finally, the AMCS Forecasting module provides an easy way to assess stock levels with an accurate prediction of when stocks need replenishing or collections are due.

Features Overview

  • Gantt chart with overview of available resources, distribution plans, real-time execution display, executed plans, progress and utilization indicators, KPIs
  • Route lists, digital road maps and order bank
  • Client/server system
  • Incremental planning capabilities
  • Data import from and data export to all types of systems in real-time
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Powerful planning algorithms
  • Mobile solutions and web portals


Monitor transportation management with the AMCS Reporting module to understand business performance at an overall level and in detail via KPI calculations.


The AMCS Reporting Module allows users to closely monitor transport management and business performance at an overall level and in detail.

It can be used to create extended management reports, call centre, or transport reports, as well as advanced operational reports, with customer configured layout and content ensuring only relevant data is displayed to the recipient.

With access to customer data as well as weekly and daily trip reports at an overall or vehicle level, users have information at their fingertips. Reports can also highlight loading list publishing, warehouse activities, performance, and forecasts.

Designed to simplify the planning process, operational reports display both the latest plans and historical data, providing vital decision-making tools for planners inspecting complex data combinations during real time planning.


Automatically position orders based on address data using the AMCS Geocoding module for faster and more accurate planning.


The AMCS Geocoding module automatically positions orders by geocoding address data and assigning X and Y co-ordinates to your customers’ location. Users can verify or change positions by spelling the address again or pointing in the map, ensuring the geocoding module can be used for:

  • Automatic geocoding
  • Cleansing data
  • Searching addresses (auto-complete when typing address)
  • Verifying positions

In combination with this geocoding functionality, AMCS can also provide distance calculation in time or miles/km, based on the street network and vehicle attributes.

Designed as an embedded part of our planning system, AMCS Geocoding can also be used within external, service-oriented systems such as during order taking.

what if simulations

Develop what-if-scenarios with the AMCS Analysis module to simulate and assess consequences during strategic route planning.

what if simulations

The AMCS Analysis module can be used to analyze, simulate and assess consequences during strategic route planning, including potential changes to terminal structure or placement, vehicle type, customer conditions, territory allocation, or in relation to transport negotiations and bidding.

It delivers vital tools to help analyze your distribution setup on a strategic level, helping you assess long-term resource needs and evaluate implications. Advanced calculations are based on numerous factors, providing KPIs for the various scenarios to support optimized decision making.

AMCS Analysis can be used to:

  • Simulate what-if scenarios
  • Estimate long-term resource demand according to expected activity levels
  • Calculate and define the desired service level provided to customers
  • Make reports of key performance indicators
  • Make budgets for a future period

AMCS Analysis is a valuable part of our planning systems, however, strategic simulations are also available on a consultancy basis.


Use the AMCS Loading module to stack goods based on route plans using automatic load optimization to safely pack goods for efficient delivery.


Thanks to automatic load optimization, AMCS Loading enables users to stack goods based on AMCS generated route plans, ensuring goods are packed in the most effective way while still respecting the order sequence for each route.

Designed as an integral part of our planning systems, this module utilizes data regarding truck and package dimensions to create a 3D loading plan, which is subsequently sent to the ERP/WMS system.

Users can access the plan via a user-friendly GUI to easily assess and amend the load plan in 3D. Functions such as zoom, truck rotation, box rotation and order addition and removal further simplify load planning.


Accurately predict when stocks need replenishing or collections are due with the AMCS Forecasting module for an easier way to assess stock levels.


This advanced forecasting tool uses historical data to accurately predict when stock replenishment is due, or when stocks are filled and need collection, automatically generating orders for the planning system.

Forecast accuracy is increased with historical data, but the system can also forecast based on just one or two weeks of data. This provides insight into current trends, while long-term data increases forecasting precision.

For enhanced accuracy, AMCS Forecasting can also be combined with automatic, or manual, stock level measuring, or even with live sales data.

The AMCS Forecasting module is ideal for:

  • Replenishing fuel tanks at gas stations
  • Replenishing cement and aggregate stocks for ready-mix plants
  • Replenishing cash ATMs in the cash-in-transit industry
  • Collecting waste from underground waste containers

A user-friendly GUI provides a clear visualisation of stock levels and forecast curves, enabling users to easily monitor stock levels and alarms and make manual corrections if required.

The AMCS Forecasting module is a valuable add-on to our planning system but can also be used in non-AMCS systems thanks to its service-oriented architecture.

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Discover how AMCS Fleet Planner can reduce costs and maximize profits with real-time route planning and effective transportation optimization.