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route optimization & planning software

AMCS Route Optimization delivers effective route planning for enhanced efficiency and lower fuel costs.

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accelerate cost reduction

AMCS Route Optimization software simplifies transport operations, delivering significant efficiency gains for reduced costs and improved customer service on all your collection and waste transport routes.

Combining dynamic route planning and real-time optimization, our intuitive platform can help you excel in a competitive market, increasing efficiency to achieve:

  • 5-25% reductions in CO2 emissions, mileage, and driving time
  • 5-15% reduction in the number of vehicles
  • 25-75% decrease in planning and administration time
  • Significantly improved customer service and visit accuracy

With our comprehensive solution, waste and recycling operators can easily handle all types of waste including commercial, domestic, roll-off, skips, and hazardous waste.

We help you to digitize and automate business processes for improved productivity, providing tailor-made solutions to simplify route and time slotting, optimize prices, manage resources, and integrate self-billing functionality.

Providing operators with a tailored, future-ready solution to cut costs, improve service levels, and drive sustainability.

key business values

route efficiency

Increase route efficiency with intelligent optimization to achieve significant cost reductions.

route efficiency

Built to handle real-life challenges in the waste industry, AMCS Intelligent Route Optimization delivers impressive efficiency gains, typically reducing costs by 10 to 15%.

Based on metaheuristics, our optimization algorithms balance a reduction in miles, time and cost with route quality preferences and pre-agreed customer service agreements to determine the best routes.

Ensuring customers across the waste industry can increase revenues and achieve efficiency gains similar to:

  • AES in Ireland: Increased lifts per route hour by 15%
  • SUEZ in Benelux: Increased lifts per route hour by 5% to 10%
  • Twente Milieu in the Netherlands: Increased lifts per route hour by 20 to 25%
  • Saver in the Netherlands: Increased lifts per route hour by 15 to 25%

customer satisfaction

Elevate customer service levels while reducing costs with expert route optimization.

customer satisfaction

Deliver best-in-class customer service and enhanced responsiveness without increasing your costs or prices.

AMCS Route Optimization easily handles real-life challenges such as time windows, overlapping routes, stop qualifications, and vehicle capacity without violating customer agreements.

With real time execution and on-the-fly re-optimization, AMCS helps you meet promised time windows, allocating resources efficiently and providing proactive ETA information and instant time slotting for customers.

process optimization

Ensure smooth, real-time, and agile processes with a central operational cockpit for your business.

process optimization

Our intelligent solution helps you standardize and optimize processes to enhance planning and dispatch efficiency.

By embedding company route strategy and policy into your configuration, we help you balance service levels with route costs to deliver a tailored solution that meets customer demand without increasing costs.

AMCS Route Optimization can also integrate in real-time with ERP, order, mobile, GPS, weighting, production, scanning, and reporting systems. Ensuring effective best-practice optimization of workflow and data, even where operations are decentralized.

business digitalization

Increase transparency and agility with digital solutions that deliver vital insight into your business.

business digitalization

Embrace ongoing digital transformation with cutting edge technologies that increase insight into schedules, execution, and performance.

With access to street data, GPS, Internet of Things, web portals, vehicle technology, inventory management, and system integration, AMCS digital solutions increase transparency. Helping you respond effectively and efficiently with in-built optimization.

AMCS digitalization facilities support you to:

  • Include all stakeholders through web portals
  • Automatically generate collection orders with forecasting and VMI
  • Deliver online order booking with instant time slotting
  • Increase route precision with GPS for automated data and time verification
  • Improve subcontractor interaction with automated self-billing

scalable architecture

Manage the complex transport demands of the waste industry with a flexible and scalable solution.

scalable architecture

Meet complex transport demands and manage diverse waste types, each with their own characteristics.

AMCS Intelligent Route Optimization enables you to simultaneously plan for hundreds of thousands of orders while at the same time scheduling and re-planning in real-time.

Our powerful and scalable architecture delivers:

  • High-density master routes with 300,000 stops in one optimization
  • Instant, incremental, and real-time route optimization
  • Deployed either as a cloud solution or on-premises
  • Hybrid user interface facilitating rich GUI and web technology

responsive and agile

Respond instantly to customer requests with support from an agile optimization platform.

responsive and agile

Meet customer expectations of 24/7 service with insight and agility to deliver maximum responsiveness without putting stress on your organization.

Our agile route optimization platform is embedded in your digital infrastructure to support efficient and accurate order-taking, order changes, route changes, ETAs, and field status updates.

With automatic optimization continuously running in the background, AMCS solutions support:

  • Responsiveness to customer demands and exceptions
  • Incremental re-optimization for instant reaction to operational changes
  • Fully transparent operation and real-time responsiveness
  • Improved analysis and precise reporting

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The AMCS Intelligent Route Optimization combines dynamic route planning and real-time optimization to increase efficiency and improve profits.

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intelligent optimization brochure

Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

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one platform. total coverage.

Designed to handle all types of waste collection, transport, and transfer, AMCS route optimization offers a comprehensive solution to boost efficiency and reduce costs in the waste industry.

With a flexible platform that supports frequency planning, high density routes, hazardous goods, and roll-off and skip transport, AMCS helps you generate effective master routes and implement dynamic route adjustment.

Providing effective, tailored solutions for any transport type.

Intelligent automation

  • Master route optimization for domestic and commercial waste
  • Automated master route maintenance for churn management
  • Ability to perform route optimization for skips and rolling off transport
  • Container fill level forecast and automated order-generation

Dynamic performance improvement

  • Real-time based on the fly re-optimization of routes
  • Real-time monitoring of route execution
  • Daily dynamic route optimization for ad hoc orders

Effective system integration

  • Standard integration with AMCS Platform solutions (ERP, Mobile, etc.)
  • Black box route optimization services in ERP, web, and mobility
  • Build-in workforce mobile solution
  • Advanced reporting, BI, and analytics

Valuable stakeholder collaboration

  • Advanced web portals for stakeholder involvement
  • Solutions for subcontractor management and self-billing

intelligent optimization brochure

Let us show you how route optimization can reduce mileage, driving time and CO2 emissions by 5-25%

the global waste & recycling benchmark report

Download your copy to explore:

  • Top Industry Trends & Challenges

  • Adaptation & Change Management

  • Growth & Technology Investment

Don’t miss out! Get access to expert analysis, survey results and industry trends.

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ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

The AMCS Intelligent Route Optimization combines dynamic route planning and real-time optimization to increase efficiency and improve profits.