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software solutions for plastic recycling companies

Smart, end-to-end software solutions to help plastic recyclers improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs and drive sustainability.

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plastic recycling software to drive business growth

Our cloud-based software platform for plastic recycling companies delivers scalable, integrated ERP solutions to the plastic recycling industry.  Designed to optimize your business processes and improve technical performance, AMCS plastic recycling software increases efficiency, driving both automation and digitization. Enabling plastic recycling companies to reduce costs, improve quality and harness exponential growth opportunities. Meet rising consumer and regulatory demand for recycled plastic and support global net zero ambitions.

AMCS Platform for recycling businesses

Growing your recycling operations can be hard when processes are manual and disconnected. Now you can automate, connect, and digitize all your processes with AMCS plastic recycling software.

It is a modern and integrated SaaS solution, seamlessly connecting your data and processes on one platform, reducing recycling costs and boosting your margin.

Transform, track and trade, your way to greater profitability in the new Circular Economy. Watch the video to learn more and download our brochure below.

scale your business with performance sustainability

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AMCS Platform for paper recycling fibre recycling streamlines operational processes

Learn how to streamline operational processes and increase profits

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how the AMCS Platform will impact your plastic recycling business

improve quality

Sophisticated monitoring and recording tools help recyclers adhere to strict standards, improving visibility on every load

reduces costs

Integrated ERP solutions increase efficiency and productivity, optimizing all processes to eliminate waste

harness growth

Meet rising consumer and regulatory demand for recycled plastic and support global net zero ambitions

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Let AMCS show you how to optimize your Plastic Recycling operations for efficiency, increase profits and grow your business

end-to-end solutions to boost efficiency in the plastic recycling sector

In a complex and competitive global market, AMCS plastic recycling software helps you:

  • Increase control and visibility – mobile workforce applications, optimization algorithms and portal technology increase control and visibility over all your operations.
  • Standardize workflows – key recycling processes such as material inspection and processing can be optimized and standardized across multiple locations and geographies.
  • Eliminate paper and manual processes – digital job tickets, weighbridge tickets, stock-taking forms, invoices and reports can be shared with customers automatically.

With our integrated platform solutions, AMCS offers an end-to-end platform, seamlessly streamlining key areas including: 

  • Collections 
  • Purchasing
  • Quality monitoring
  • Processing
  • Inventory management
  • Outbound Transport operations
  • Invoicing
  • Customer and supplier portal
  • AMCS Vision AI
  • AMCS Financials for accounting 

Download the brochure below to learn more.

AMCS Platform for recycling brochure

Learn how AMCS Platform for Recycling will streamline your operational processes and increase profits.

digital tools support plastic quality

Plastic recycling is one of the most exciting market opportunities in the emerging circular economy.

With the global plastic recycling market predicted to grow to $110 billion by 2025, AMCS Platform helps you spearhead this growth.

Our ERP solution delivers integrated tools for monitoring and recording plastic quality. Helping plastic recyclers meet strict quality standards to attract the highest sales price.

Enhance your feedstock quality to protect your margin 

AMCS plastic recycling software helps you inspect loads and record granular details such as weight, composition and colour. Providing clear visibility on quality at all stages of the recycling process, as well as highlighting the cost build up and profit margin.

Our mobile grading app helps your team accurately inspect and grade each load. So, you pay only for the grade material you expected.

full inventory management and cost tracking

Our solution allows you to tag incoming loads to track their progress across your recycling operations and tag all finished goods for resale. It allows the tracking of costs and gross margin.

It manages every dimension of inventory (status, location, cost, ownership etc.) so you have full visibility on inventory.

create maximum product value

With AMCS tools in place, recyclers can identify polymer composition and plastic contamination, constantly tracking quality as product moves through the value chain at:

  • Inbound receipt
  • Inspection and grading 
  • Production
  • Inventory management
  • Cost and gross margin tracking
  • Onward sales

Not only does this reduce global plastic pollution levels – it ensures a consistent, high-quality end-product, suitable for use in highly regulated industries such as food production or consumer electronics

Supporting plastic recyclers as they work to create maximum value in a circular economy.

intelligent accounting to fit your business

An agile accounting package helps recycling operators easily keep track of profit and loss for an accurate business overview and reduced operating costs.

AMCS Financials RECY is an accounting solution that is tightly integrated with the AMCS Platform to deliver business value specific to the plastic recycling industry such as: 

  • Increased visibility and control
  • Greater automation 
  • Extensive P&L reporting
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optimization cuts transport costs

Manage, plan, and optimize all aspects of your transport operations with AMCS Platform.

Our enterprise-grade software delivers the tools required to maximize your incoming payloads and reduce transport costs. Increasing profit when handling low density, plastic materials.

With transport representing an increasing percentage of overall recycling costs, AMCS Intelligent Optimization can help:

  • Reduce planning time by 75% with optimized in-bound and outbound logistics
  • Reduce the number of trucks on the road by up to 15%
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%
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single platform for streamlined recycling

Our cloud-based, enterprise-grade platform supports plastic recycling companies to work smarter and more efficiently. 

We deliver scalable, solutions that facilitate rapid business transformation, helping you fast track growth with sector-specific functionality not found in generic ERP offerings:

  • Detailed recording of incoming loads by polymer type, state and colour.
  • Rigorous grading and quality sampling of incoming plastic feedstock.
  • Flexible and comprehensive contract management to manage charges, rebates, and claims
  • Comprehensive stock management including raw material, work in progress, and finished goods.
  • Capture and report production costs such as shredding, handling, and baling.
  • Manage outbound loads with photographs of containers and seals, shipping, and exports.
  • Simplified demand planning
  • Improved business analytics

This makes AMCS first choice for efficient, cost-effective recycling of plastic, with additional functionality for paper, wood, metal and textiles. 

scale your business with performance sustainability

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AMCS Platform for paper recycling fibre recycling streamlines operational processes

Learn how to streamline operational processes and increase profits

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success stories

SUEZ, Recovery & Recycling




Productivity increase (of the waste collection operation)

The global waste collection activities of SUEZ R&R have an annual value of one billion euro. Previously, the operational waste logistics with more than 11,000 vehicles on the road was generally decentralized without the support of a route planning system. Therefore SUEZ decided to implement route optimization globally.

Karle Recycling




Productivity increase (of the waste collection operation)

Karle Recycling is a medium-sized disposal group with 200 employees. In their parent company Karle-Recycling deals with complete waste disposal, services, but mostly scrap metal. The AMCS/Recy solution is the heart of our operations and important for Karle Recycling. They improve all our processes in this solution.

Kaatsch Recycling


CO₂ savings


Productivity increase (of the waste collection operation)

For more than 70 years, the family-run Kaatsch Group has been committed to taking a proactive approach to the unique challenges of the waste disposal and recycling industry. Kaatsch currently operates six recycling companies with 200 employees and an annual turnover of around 160 million euros. In fact, recent studies showed that what Kaatsch does daily generates a savings of about 1.1 million tons of CO₂ annually.

solutions for plastic recycling companies

AI material contamination & overfilled detection

AMCS Vision AI is an artificial intelligence-driven solution designed to digitize images of materials to identify contamination and provide operators with automated insights. Plus, reduces the risk of revenue leakage due to overfilled containers by automating image records of containers.

customer service portal

A smooth-running customer service portal built to maximize self-service, boost customer satisfaction, and cut call center costs.

EHSQ management

Increase your efficiency, compliance and safety for a sustainable future—with AMCS EHSQ Management, a proven system for every industry.

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the global waste & recycling benchmark report

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  • Adaptation & Change Management

  • Growth & Technology Investment

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scale your business with performance sustainability

The Global Waste & Recycling Benchmark Report

Don’t miss out! Get access to expert analysis, survey results and industry trends.

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