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Single Platform for Paper Recycling

A complete enterprise management solution, purpose-built for paper recycling companies. Providing enhanced visibility, improved efficiency and greater agility.

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Single Platform for Paper Recycling Overview Solutions for Paper Recycling companies

A specialist ERP platform for end-to-end paper recycling automation 

AMCS intelligent cloud-based software delivers end-to-end solutions, helping you standardize and consolidate your business for more efficient paper recycling.

Our enterprise management solutions provide complete visibility, consolidating data and increasing control. Helping operators to reduce costs as they procure and process fibre for the paper mill.

AMCS Platform supports paper recyclers to:

With powerful reporting and efficient operations, paper recyclers are equipped to plan ahead in a volatile market, accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

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AMCS Platform for Recycling Video

Growing your recycling operations can be hard when processes are manual and disconnected. Now you can automate, connect, and digitize all your processes with AMCS Platform for Recycling.

It is a modern and integrated SaaS solution, seamlessly connecting your data and processes on one platform, reducing recycling costs and boosting your margin.

Transform, track and trade, your way to greater profitability in the new Circular Economy. Watch the video to learn more and download our brochure below.

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AMCS Platform for Paper Recycling Fibre Recycling streamlines operational processes

Learn how to streamline operational processes and increase profits

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Digitize for efficiency

Our flexible, enterprise management platform consolidates multiple systems, streamlining your business and reducing costs. Helping paper recyclers to increase efficiency and improve agility in a dynamic and demanding environment.

Pricing & Contract Management

Simplify account management – manage material suppliers, customers, and contracts from one centralized database. Easily create and view new accounts and contracts. Create standardized or customized pricing structures based on account, material, volume and grade.

Inbound & Outbound Management

Improve profit margins – manage buy- and sell-side operations from one platform. Automatically link scale house measurements with a centralized database for responsive decisions that factor in volume, commodity pricing, and current inventory. Understand freight and export costs to achieve your highest margin.

Material Grading

Enhance quality – improve grading and automatically record proof of quality. Eliminate discrepancies and determine the fair value of inbound materials using master data to increase visibility. Obtain better material and allocate processing based on quality for increased profit.

Inventory Management

Optimize pricing – manage material across multiple locations in one database. Record and post inventory at the time of purchase to understand precise material quantities across your operation. Eliminate human error and create optimized pricing based on current inventory.

Material Trading

Increase flexibility – make trading more profitable by minimizing the cost of procuring, processing, and selling materials. Adapt swiftly to market trends and make astute buy and sell decisions with access to accurate, real-time inventory data.

Billing and Financial Management

Simplify accounting – pull data from a centralized database for easy and accurate accounting. Powerful reporting and increased automation help you bill customers quickly, saving time and money.  AMCS Financials provides an integrated accounting system to simplify all your financial and margin reporting. 

AMCS Financials* Brochure

Download our brochure to learn how AMCS Financials* can make your business more efficient using AI and automation.

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Software solutions for consistent fibre recovery

In the move towards a circular economy, demand for products made from recovered fibre continues to rise. 

AMCS SaaS solutions address this demand with digital ways to simplify inventory management, streamline logistics and improve demand planning.

Helping reprocessors to enhance the consistency of finished products and improve profits in this volatile growth market.

Manage contamination

The global paper recycling market is predicted to grow, exceeding $56 billion by 2027. AMCS end-to-end software helps you harness this growth and tackle fluctuating feedstock prices with solutions to monitor and manage the changing composition of wastepaper and card.

Intelligent sourcing

From newsprint to paperboard, all recycled products require a specific ingredient list to deliver consistent quality. AMCS Platform helps you make the right decisions when sourcing fibre with access to real-time inventory data. Monitor existing stock, buy when prices are low, and easily link inventory data with production schedules.

Effective planning

Coordinating feedstock can be challenging. Our SaaS platform helps purchasers build a demand plan months ahead with a clear picture of inventory levels, degradation risks and process loss. Coordinate CRM and admin from the same system to create purchase orders and delivery plans. Simplify logistics with links to haulers and internal fleet capacity, ensuring all input material is at the mill on time. 

One platform for streamlined recycling

Our cloud-based, enterprise-grade platform supports recycling companies to work smarter. 

We deliver scalable, solutions that facilitate rapid business transformation, helping you adapt swiftly to new markets and sector challenges including:

This makes AMCS the first choice for efficient, cost-effective recycling of paper, and metal, wood, plastics and textiles. 

Supporting recycling specialists around the globe to comply with environmental standards, capitalize on increased recycling rates and achieve net zero aspirations. 

Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

Let AMCS show you how to optimize your operations for efficiency, increase profits and grow your business

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AMCS Platform for Paper Recycling Fibre Recycling streamlines operational processes

Learn how to streamline operational processes and increase profits

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Solutions for Paper Recycling companies

AMCS Vision AI

AMCS Vision AI is our artificial intelligence driven, computer vision solution designed to digitize images of resource streams and service events to provide operators with automated and continuous insights.

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Customer Self-Service Portal

A smooth-running online customer portal built to maximize self-service, boost customer satisfaction, and cut call center costs.

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Grading and Quality Evaluation

Improving the inbound grading and quality evaluation process

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Press Release

Ortessa Group drives efficiency and process automation with AMCS Platform.

Ortessa has announced that its subsidiaries Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor Composting have successfully transitioned to the AMCS Platform as of April 1.

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Ready to see what AMCS can do for you?

Let AMCS show you how to optimize your operations for efficiency, increase profits and grow your business

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