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Blog February 2023

Year In Review 2022: A significant year for AMCS and its customers around the world

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Mark Kettles

Head of Product Marketing

AMCS Year in Review 2022

This article is an abridged version of a video interview recording here reviewing AMCS’s business in 2022, with Elaine Treacy, Global Product Director, and Mark Abbas, CMO (Chief marketing Officer). 

Mark K:

Welcome everyone. My name is Mark Kettles. I work in Product Marketing in AMCS Group, and we're delighted to bring to you a brief review of 2022 with Mark Abbas, our CMO, and Elaine Treacy, our Global Product Director.

So, let's kick off with the first question - AMCS had an important year in 2022, what are your reflections on the big events of last year? 

Mark A:

2022 has been another very exciting year for AMCS. We've realised continued organic, double-digit growth again, through new business, welcoming new customers, and cross-selling into our existing customer base. And on top of that, we've completed three major technology acquisitions in 2022.

Despite difficult circumstances in some of our markets, coming out of Covid, the war in Ukraine and challenging economic conditions, we saw growth in our major territories in North America, EMEA and in Australia and New Zealand.

Our largest customers like Suez and Veolia are starting to make the move to the cloud and to the AMCS Platform

On top of that, we also successfully entered scrap metal recycling markets with our new platform with our first projects kicked off in North America.

We acquired (Dossier) AMCS Fleet Maintenance, at the end of 2021, and in 2022 we added several interesting acquisitions - like  Utilibill, which was brings us into the utility billing space. Secondly, Utility Cloud, which is a solution for industry field services, asset maintenance and safety. And of course, the most recent and the largest acquisition in our history, Quentic which brings us into the environmental health and safety and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) environments. These will add real synergies to our business and crucially, better opportunities for our customers (insert Press Release on Website).

Elaine T:

Plus, we have invested significantly in our research and development centres. We've added a new facility in the Philippines, which will have the capacity to hold about 200 people. 

We've also established a new office of enterprise architecture within the product and development organization and that's really focused on building a long-term sustainable platform architecture.

As we expand our overall product portfolio, having a Global Help Desk has been very important for us, and we now have a single global help desk for all our products that operates 24/7 for all our customers.

Finally in 2022, we could meet be face to face with our customers again. It makes a huge difference for us because we grow our company by collaborating and innovating with our customers together. So, it was very important to meet them face to face as well as, at many AMCS customer events and trade shows across the globe.

We had 40 AMCS Platform projects go live in 2022 and kicked off another 70 new projects, including our first lighthouse project for AMCS Platform in the German market. 

We had three major Product investment themes in 2022 – i) usability and automation transforming the user experience, ii) recycling and sustainability - we unveiled the platform capability to manage enhanced recycling, especially in scrap metal industry, leveraging the power of Cloud technology and our new browser-based technology, managing end-to-end processes right through from ‘scale to sale’, and iii) building for change through innovation - we launched this year was our AMCS Extend  capability that is a low-code, no-code platform that basically allows our customers to be able to configure their own business processes and to capture their own information through custom fields that ultimately simplifies integration across their ecosystem.

Mark K:

So, with that in mind, what do we think about the key challenges that our customers have faced in 2022? 

Elaine T:

Yes, the global macroeconomic environment has been difficult - certainly navigating the impact of the energy crisis and increasing inflation. These have been big challenges for our customers, manifested in rising costs, so customers need to be a lot more agile, for example, managing a fluctuating pricing strategy much more frequently, through our pricing engine in AMCS Platform. 

Then from a transport and logistics perspective, ensuring that operations are efficient and optimized – using solutions like AMCS Smart Dispatch product and the embedded optimization services that released throughout last year.

Mark A:

I think in the waste and recycling industry specifically, there's been a lot of consolidation going on, a lot of mergers and acquisitions happening in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand; and that adds complexity for our customers, where they must quickly onboard their new customers that also brings the challenge of rethinking how they do their business more efficiently.

We still see that our customers struggle to accelerate developing their e-businesses and by adopting some of the solutions that we offer, we can really help them overcome some of those challenges of developing online business channels.

If we look at our mission statement about digital ways to a cleaner world, we really focus on empowering our customers with an intelligent platform to manage their business in these changing markets, moving towards a more circular economy.

We can reduce fleet mileage and with that carbon emissions in our customers’ businesses because we really are passionate about the business outcomes of our customers and their end customers. It is all about making sure our customers can be successful. And we are committed to keeping those customers, by constantly bringing innovation to the market.

The role of the resource sector in the fight to combat climate change is being increasingly recognized. COP 27 highlights that emission reductions are top of most political agendas, and we can play a significant role enabling our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and do more with less virgin resources.

Mark K:

If we bring sustainability back to AMCS, how are we living this as an organization?

Mark A:

We are very dedicated to corporate, social, and social responsibility. We have a lot of initiatives in the company itself to that support sustainability, we believe in contributing to our communities, in protecting our planet create a sustainable environment for future generations and so we have taken steps, individually and collectively to do more in this area. View our Sustainability Statement here

Mark K:

How would you rate our company performance out of 10 in 2022

Mark A:

That's a tough one. I think coming out of Covid and addressing all these global challenges and responding to customer needs, we have achieved a lot. Plus, AMCS is still growing in the markets that we serve. We are making a real difference in driving better environmental and financial outcomes for our customers. We are hiring more people, expanding our operations and businesses, as mentioned, and supporting more customers. However, we always want to do more and recognise that customers face many headwinds going into 2023. Overall, I would give us a seven out of 10 – plenty accomplished but a lot more that we want to do next year, in partnership with our customers. 

Mark K:

How has our product releases, particularly our platform release, been received in the market? 

Elaine T:

During the last 12 months, we’ve had great adoption of the releases by our customers, as mentioned, with over 100 plus projects live or in flight on AMCS Platform. All these projects are on the latest AMCS Platform Winter release, which was launched at the end of October 2022. So, the ability for our customers to adopt our latest releases has been one of the big successes for us, and as we go into 2023, we want to continue to drive that momentum.

Outside of that, we introduced a new User Experience validation program, engaging with our customers to get feedback in real time, as we introduce new feature functionality. We've about 30 customers engaged in this program, across different markets and across different lines of business – and we are always on the lookout for more to join and give us valuable insight. 

We've also introduced exciting products, using new technology - AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, particularly in contamination management and overfill containers, taking advantage of camera and vision technologies, making it much easier to detect contamination and bins at the curb; then leveraging machine learning technology to be able to automatically analyse these materials.

In the middle of the year, we launched our Customer Portal 2.0 solution that has a comprehensive online shopping and service capability, including a multichannel payment support for our customers.

Mark K:

Finally, what do you look forward to for 2023? What excites you about the next 12 months for our business?

Mark A:

We have an exciting roadmap that brings us, both into new markets and new lines of business. We have a big investment in building out our platform for the municipal or domestic collection market, and we'll continue to build on our capability in recycling. We're launching some of our new AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution into markets across Europe. 

With our expanded product portfolio, our investment in Utility Cloud - workflow enabled asset management is very complimentary to the platform, being able to integrate that with a broad range of field services is going to be very exciting for our customers.

Likewise, Quentic is an exciting product - a fully, holistic SaaS-based platform that manages all the tasks and processes related to environmental health, safety, quality management, as well as corporate, environmental, and social governance. 

Elaine T:

I think what's exciting for me, personally is the addition of 400 new colleagues since last year through our acquisitions. And I'm, I'm really looking forward, so not only from a product perspective, but also integrating those teams and, and getting all those clever minds together, working on our on our mission. I really believe that those combined forces can bring a lot more to the table for our customers to help them be more sustainably competitive, with big investment in our solutions for sectors like municipal and recycling.

And so, in summary, 2022 has been a pivotal year for AMCS - a lot of expansion and progress. But 2023 promises to be even more exciting, with a lot more happening, a bigger AMCS business and significantly, bigger opportunities to work closely with our customers across our markets, to support them to achieve their business goals, for the next 12 months and beyond.

Thank you for your thoughts and if you want to learn more about AMCS, its solutions and customers visit us here.

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