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An end-to-end solution for waste brokerage

Intelligent SaaS solutions to improve visibility, increase control and boost trading margins in the dynamic brokerage industry.

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Commodity Brokerage challenges

Commodity Brokerage represents an exciting growth area for most recycling companies and recycling brokers/traders. Regardless of whether the commodities being traded are paper, plastic or metals, the following challenges remain constant:

Given this complexity, volatility, and often tight trading margins, it is critical to have full visibility in real-time on your trading operations and the underlying activities across logistics and operations.

Many Commodity Brokerage operations remain very dependent on spreadsheets, manual workarounds, and disconnected trading and financial systems and are therefore do not have the visibility and control required to manage a fast-moving, high risk, and complex trading environment.

Digitize for increased control

AMCS delivers end-to-end SaaS solutions purpose built to streamline operations and reduce complexity in commodity brokerage.

Whether you are trading paper, plastic or metals, our enterprise-grade, cloud-based platform helps you digitize your business processes. Providing real-time visibility and increased control over trading and logistics operations.

In a volatile and competitive market, AMCS Platform helps recycling brokers to:

With intelligent optimization, commodity brokers are equipped to excel in this fast-moving, high-risk environment. Helping you maximize opportunities to create value and enhance sustainability.

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Subcontractor Management Solution Brochure

Find out how the AMCS Subcontracting Solution automates partner processes to streamline subcontractor management and drive profitability.

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Delivering automation to boost efficiency

Commodity brokerage is an exciting growth area for recycling companies and waste specialists. To succeed in this dynamic sector, brokers need to be agile, adapting to rapid market changes and mounting environmental pressures.

AMCS delivers the tools to ensure you excel in this environment.

From small, independent brokers to international commodity traders, our SaaS platform helps digitize your entire operations. Combining intuitive software with sector-specific functionality to increase control and drive efficiency.

Maximize profitability

Complete visibility helps you understand costs and navigate tight trading conditions. Our flexible solutions help you maximize margins for increased profitability.

Eliminate manual processes

Seamless integration increases efficiency. AMCS Platform integrates disconnected trading and financial systems, eliminating disparate spreadsheets and manual processes to improve visibility.

End-to-end efficiency

AMCS Platform provides an end-to-end solution with modules for transport management, scale management, pricing, invoicing, AP/AR, inventory management, finance, and export shipping.


Simplify supplier management

AMCS Platform delivers SaaS solutions, mobile applications, and digital engagement tools to help you manage and share data for effective supplier relationships.

Sourcing: Quickly identify and assess potential suppliers by location and service offering.

On-boarding: Self-service solutions enable suppliers to upload information including contract pricing and regulatory compliance documents.

Jobs: Automatically issue purchase orders and release individual jobs to suppliers.

Confirmations: Easily capture confirmation of job completion including photos, signatures, service dates, and weights.

Invoices: Record detailed supplier invoices pre-matched to original work orders.

Business Value Drivers

Competitive Advantage with AMCS Commodity Brokerage solutions

Our solutions facilitate the management of the end to end process workflows designed specifically to support a commodity brokerage business

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Competitive Advantage with AMCS Commodity Brokerage solutions

Competitive Advantage with AMCS Commodity Brokerage solutions

Our solutions facilitate the management of the end to end process workflows designed specifically to support a commodity brokerage business including the following features and benefits:

  • Single Trading Screen to view both the Buy and Sell components for each transaction as it generates the necessary Purchase and Sales orders and links them seamlessly and updates them continuously with status and details such as weights and values.
  • Full support for global trading including trading in different currencies, weight units of measurements and material descriptions
  • Comprehensive calendar-based planning tools to support automated demand planning to ensure that you can accurately plan your logistics and operations
  • Effective dating of all pricing means that changes of prices can be updated at any time up to the point of invoicing
  • Automated and configurable pricing and rebates allows you to tie prices/rebates to indices and to change prices only at an index level
  • Comprehensive tracking of all costs (purchase of material, freight, processing etc.)
  • Full recording of expense accruals and link to associated revenue for gross profit calculation
  • Full inventory management including cost tracking and valuation using both lot and perpetual inventory calculations
  • Manages both AP and AR while monitoring customer credit risk via real time limit monitoring
  • Produces all necessary shipping documentation with customizable templates
  • Records all shipping booking, container numbers, photos of load details, seals etc.
  • Gross margin calculations at load, contract, customer and supplier level
  • Ease of integration into a separate financial system
  • Mobile application tools allow your staff to collect, grade, inspect and cycle count without any need for paper and re-keying
  • Full range of portals to allow you to collaborate digitally with customers, suppliers and partners ( e.g. third party haulers ) to allow data to move seamlessly across all stakeholders

Benefits for Commodity Brokerage organisations

Read more on the benefits for Commodity Broker organisations.

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Benefits for Commodity Brokerage organisations

Track and Protect Margin on each deal

It allows you to track gross profit by matching revenue and associated costs (e.g. purchase, freight, processing, shipping etc.) on each order.

Automate your Transport Planning to optimise your costs

It provides an automated demand planning solution and calendar so you can plan all transport activities in advance to optimise all your freight and processing costs.

Easy to use to maximise staff productivity

It has a modern user-friendly browser-based interface which is easy to use, particularly for staff who are not working in the office and need secure access, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Manage your credit exposure and risk

It manages your trading risk by allowing you to update prices at any time to reflect new prices or currency fluctuations, as well as monitoring customer credit limits and with full Accounts Receivable functionality.

Automate all Administration

It’s directed workflows will lead users through staged processes and it will automatically produce templated documentation such as Bill of Ladings, invoices, job tickets, shipping documentation.

In addition, our range of portals provides self-service options for all your partners, including haulers, suppliers and customers.

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Press Release

Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) and AMCS announce agreement to accelerate adoption of AI-driven automation to drive sustainability in the recycling sector

Boston, MA, September 28, 2023, Peninsula Sanitary Service, Inc. (PSSI) has announced its agreement with AMCS on the deployment of its advanced AMCS Vision AI solution. This announcement comes after several months of collaboration on a pilot implementation on a PSSI client site.


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