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Learn how our customers have embraced technology for their business and how they are making a positive impact on the environment.

The brief write-ups below are snapshots of current customers that have chosen to partner with AMCS, leveraging the innovation of AMCS solutions to digitize their business, get agile and succeed in today’s unpredictable marketplace.

Our customers represent the waste, recycling, utilities and environmental services sectors and vary widely by size, location, experience, and challenges.

Take a few minutes to learn how they are making a positive impact on their customers and the environment. From newcomers to seasoned operators, these businesses play a key role in the critical drive toward the circular economy.

A. Jansen BV, Netherlands

A. Jansen BV is one of the largest independent family-owned companies, supporting the construction industry with infrastructure services, recycling of mineral waste streams, its own concrete plants and transportation.

Not only does A. Jansen BC support a Net Zero circular economy, but it also operates as a circular company. By offering environmentally friendly alternatives to replace primary raw materials, A. Jansen BV is making a meaningful contribution to the circular economy and the environment, in collaboration with its partners.

Download the Customer Spotlight to learn more.


Advantage Waste Systems, Canada

Advantage Waste Systems is a privately held Canadian corporation and a leading provider of waste and recycling management solutions in Southern Ontario. Advantage Waste enjoys a successful partnership with the Halton Regional Municipality, the Halton District and Catholic School boards, the landfill container station and various other community entities.

Making a Positive Impact

Advantage Waste Systems strives to follow environmentally proactive processes, as well as safety procedures for employees and customers. Its goal is to foster a greener community and an accident-free workplace. In addition, it develops and implements prosperous collection equipment programs which contribute to the sustainability of services and the recycling initiative. Download to read their customer spotlight.


Garbage Gone, USA

Garbage Gone is a family-owned, rapidly growing Cape Cod solid waste and recycling hauler serving customers from Bourne to Orleans for 15 years. Eager to grow and optimize the business, the owners Joel Coelho and Daniella Mullaly faced challenges from all sides.

Making a Positive Impact

Garbage Gone holds high standards for their business and puts the value on their customers, employees and their community.  They deliver high quality and cost-efficient services for their customers to promote less waste and encourage recycling in the community and continue to make a strong commitment to having initiative, diversity, and continued improvement in the workplace for all their employees. Download to read their customer spotlight.


RAD Curbside, USA

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the county seat of Driggs, RAD Curbside offers residents exceptional scheduling flexibility to allow for seasonal residents. As well as providing two recycling bins; one for metal & glass and the other for plastics and paper. RAD Curbside also provides roll-off bin services, mostly used for C&D waste.

Making a Positive Impact

The building boom in Teton County includes many more new homes, renovation projects and commercial buildings. Great for business but a nightmare for those like RAD Curbside, intent upon to diverting waste from landfills.

RAD Curbside joined Teton County and the non-profit TCRC to support a campaign to promote waste sorting reimbursement for construction work in the are and also helped to apply for a $80,000 State grant to build a Sorting Pad/Building platform at the Transfer Station for the C&D waste. Download to read their customer spotlight to learn more.


Benedict Industries, Australia

Benedict is a leader in the weighbridge and aggregates space in New South Wales and the ANZ region, primed for further growth and innovation.

Making a Positive Impact

Benedict is at the cutting edge of resource recovery that involves the best of recycling technologies to process the wide and disparate range of materials that C&D waste streams contain and the commercial challenges in sorting it out. Benedict is currently developing plants that utilize new and emerging technologies to keep them at the forefront of waste recycling in Sydney. Download to read their customer spotlight.


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