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Blog July 2022 Updated July 2023

User Experience Validation Programme

We are excited to announce an important new Programme that AMCS has developed to work more closely with our customers, on product design and roadmap innovation.

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Kevin Yake

Product Manager

We are excited to announce an important new Programme that AMCS has developed to work more closely with our customers, on product design and roadmap innovation.

The purpose of this program is to help ensure that we build a product the customer will love using the first time they see it (MLP, Minimum Lovable Product), combined with the many benefits of positive, proactive communications with the customers.

While the Product Managers are endeavoring to build the right things at the right time, we are assisting in helping to build it the right way by listening to the users in our customer community. The UX Product team is actively meeting with users from customers to do UX research and UX validation 

The program also enables us to engage in proactive, positive dialogue with our customers.

How it works

The UX team receives regular product requirements projects from the Product Managers. We consult with internal stakeholders, internal domain experts, products designers and most importantly, current users in our customer base.. We talk to users to get questions answered about our requirement details sometimes using preliminary wireframes as a point of discussion.

More advanced prototypes of processes are developed and users validate and refine with the help of the Userlytics testing platform. Once honed, the prototypes and any additional feedback, are directly moved into the Development teams sprint process. This gives the product teams the advantage and comfort of knowing that the product they are developing is the one users want. If you want to learn more about our Design Process, read our UX Design Process Article & Infographic here

We need you

We want users from our customers to be involved in these tests. Users from all lines of business in all regions (NA, EMEA, ANZ) from operations of all sizes. They can be a user of any of our systems – Platform, ELEMOS or Classic - Clear, PB, TRUX, Tower, etc. 

Users do NOT have to be tech savvy at all! We are looking to engage with them on the one topic they are most comfortable with, their job. We want their insights in to their daily work processes so we can design a way to automate that process in a manner that improves their daily work experience. 

We are currently looking for users who represent any of these 42 personas...


  • Production Shift Manager
  • Chemist
  • Shredding Manager
  • Grader
  • Floor Scale Operator - Floor receiving
  • Ops Specialist - evaluating load quality
  • Purchasing manager / buyer
  • Demand Planner
  • Export Manager
  • Grading Supervisor
  • Cashier

Customer Service:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Representative Manager

Inventory Manager

  • Containers / Parts Inventory Manager
  • Vendor and Supplier Management


  • AR Clerk / Credit Controller / Accounts Control User
  • AP Clerk
  • Billing Clerk
  • Accountant
  • CFO
  • Contracts and Pricing Manager


  • System Administrator
  • Salesforce User


  • Sales Rep
  • Sales Manager

Senior Management:

  • CEO
  • Residential Ops Manager
  • Commercial Ops Manager
  • Industrial Ops Manager
  • TS/Recycling Plant Ops Manager
  • Landfill Supervisor


  • Scale/Weighbridge Operator
  • Landfill Supervisor
  • Load Inspector

Portal Users:

  • Residential Customer
  • Commercial Customer
  • Industrial Customer
  • Subcontractor


  • Route Planner
  • Dispatcher
  • RO Driver
  • Helper
  • Muni Driver
  • Commercial Driver
  • Audit Driver
  • DAT Driver
  • Shredding Driver
  • Medical Waste Driver
  • Residential Driver

How does the Validation Program benefit users?

So far, the feedback from these users...

  • It is fun and engaging, especially  the design sessions, brainstorming sessions about tools and ideas that will make users’ lives easier. 
  • They understand the scope and context of the validation exercise. They have realistic expectations regarding the prototypes, when they will be delivered and ensuring customer’s expectations are being properly managed. We take great care on this point, and it has worked so far.. 
  • They just greatly appreciate having a voice, being listened to and respected. Some have expressed how the program gives them hope that we will deliver solutions with great value to them.
  • With a user still on a classic product, it can help them understand more about our Platform product and hopefully, help them with their decision to move to the Platform The program also greatly helps our development teams to understand user needs, working faster and smarter. It certainly promotes additional confidence to the Product Manager and development teams, providing validation of their vision and designs. It also can reduce refinement times. There is less debate about design details. There is less design time to produce the prototypes for the development teams. When we have a more refined initial perspective on the requirements, there is less trial and error on the prototype creation and this gets features to the users quicker.

The testing process: simple

The process that we are asking our users to participate in is very simple. 

The tests are built by the UX team and posted online in the Userlytics platform. 

Willing users are then given a link to schedule their testing session at a time of their choosing.

We then meet with the users for a 30 minute or 60 minute session online for moderated tests or they can take an unmoderated test at their convenience.

That’s it.

We are developing important features now that we really want and need user testing done on. 

We would love to have more users involved, so please connect with us here, we really want to hear from you! 

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