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Blog March 2023 Updated September 2023

Why waste and recycling companies should move to the Cloud in 2023

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Conor Dowd

Conor Dowd

Global Product Marketing Manager, AMCS

Do you run a small- or medium-sized waste and recycling business? Do you think the Cloud is just for large enterprises?

In many sectors companies of all sizes that use the Cloud are finding it gives them equality with their larger competitors.

If your legacy IT infrastructure is beginning to creak, or you are finding it harder to connect to all the different parts of your business, then you really need to move to the Cloud.

But if you want your waste and recycling business to have a competitive advantage, be agile and provide the best possible customer service then the Cloud is for you too.

What is the Cloud?

Instead of using local servers and infrastructure, everything you do is stored remotely and securely. This means that you and your team can access whatever you require wherever you require it. You can also restrict any essential files to only permitted staff members.

The AMCS Platform is hosted by Microsoft using its global network of Azure powered  data centers. 

For waste and recycling businesses, it means that vehicle drivers can access route and customer information in real time. It means that customers can be automatically invoiced as soon as a collection is completed, while if you have staff who work from home or on the road or in the yard, they can access everything they need as if they were in the office.

But there are plenty of other reasons why the Cloud will benefit your waste and recycling company.

Maximize flexibility for growth  

As your business grows, you can grow your Cloud bandwidth and capacity too. If you take on a new member of your team, then you can just add them as a user to your Software as a Service (SaaS) package. But if you recruit multiple members of staff, then you don’t need to replace your server, just keep adding them as the capacity is built into the Cloud.

The same applies if you experience sudden growth in customers, a new depot, or an acquisition. The Cloud has the flexibility to respond instantly, so you can provide the same excellent service to both your new and existing customers.

Gain a competitive edge

Using the Cloud enables you to offer the same or even better service levels to your customers as the biggest waste and recycling companies.

You don’t need to invest mega-bucks to get the same software, as typically SaaS offerings scale up the more users and functionality you have. This means a company with a handful of employees can have the same software as a company with thousands.

As a waste management company, this means you can compete and be nimble. For example, you can provide a personal touch and the latest software. Your drivers can engage with customers just the same, your sales teams can offer service that matches your major competitors, and your logistics operations will be just as efficient. Your customers can shop and self- serve 24/7 on our Customer Portal.

Be future-ready 

AMCS offers Cloud-based services to waste and recycling companies around the world. This means our software is designed to work specifically for waste and recycling companies like yours. 

But we also know that the industry doesn’t stand still. We provide three major releases packed with business value and innovations every year to AMCS Platform, so that your subscription provides you with the latest updates. This means that you get improvements to the software that makes your business run better and more efficiently, responding quickly to the latest changes in the industry. 

You also get access to the latest Microsoft software and security updates as part of your subscription.

You also get access to cutting-edge technology. For example, AMCS Vision AI provides automated insights helping you to identify overfilled containers or contamination in your trucks. 

Secure your data and reputation 

Cloud-based services are intrinsically safe. Your data is held securely, and protections mean that you can give access to certain data only to employees who need it.

This is important as research shows that the average cost of a data breach in 2022 was $4.35 million.  

But by using the Cloud, you also get instant back up. If you have a disaster, your business is being held safely on servers all around the world, meaning you can be up and running again quickly.

Reduce your IT expenditure

IT infrastructure can be expensive, and hosting it locally means investment in servers, regular software updates, and potentially expensive desktop computers and laptops that require the fastest processors and lots of storage.

But by hosting it in the Cloud, you reduce your IT hardware investment. Instead, you can spread the cost through a subscription service, and work can be done on good computers via browsers or apps, as well as on handheld and mobile devices.

You and your staff are used to the Cloud

If you use apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others, then these are all Cloud-based. You might use streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime Video, and again, you are watching these via Cloud-based servers.

Just like you can stream your favorite TV or music on any device you choose, you can also access the AMCS Platform on various devices that you use such as in-vehicle screens or on your desktop computer depending on your need.

Plus, when attracting new staff, they will most likely be used to SaaS services and will want the same agility, ease-of-use and practicality brought by the Cloud.

Automate to elevate your services 

Small- and medium-sized business often think they can’t afford the latest IT infrastructure. Instead, they end up doing labor intensive processes using software such as Excel.

But through the AMCS Platform, you can access the latest software that means you can automate many processes freeing up your staff to grow your business or help you to reduce cost.

This also leads to better customer service, as you can react more quickly. If a collection is requested that wasn’t on your daily plan, tools such as AMCS Route Planner optimizes your routes in real time. This means you can adapt to include those sudden collections and please your customer. Plus, you are saving fuel and enable to serve more customer too. 

Give your customers self-service and ecommerce 24/7 

Your customers don’t necessarily have the same working hours as you. Many SaaS services such as that offered by AMCS also offer a customer portal.

If your customers want to access their account and pay invoices at midnight, then they can do, even if nobody is in your office. They might then want some information about how often they have used your service, and they can view it on the customer portal. This means your call center also has less calls to deal with too.

You can also offer extended services to help your customers, such as responding to new or changed collection calls quickly. By automating processes in AMCS Platform, it means you can send them reports on the service you have offered or automate notifications to tell them when their waste or recycling will be collected, or when an invoice is due. 

Our latest  release for example, allows customers to design customizations independently with greater ease, choice, and flexibility. This transforms the experience the customer has with your business. 

Not got the Cloud yet?

AMCS Platform is a cloud-based software platform for waste and recycling companies of all sizes.

It benefits your customers and you, helping your business to scale up rapidly while improving your data security the service you offer.

You’ll also find it cost-effective when compared to the investment required for on-premises infrastructure, while providing you with much more functionality for your business.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to compete with the biggest waste and recycling companies, helping to boost your profits.

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