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Press release April 2023

Ortessa Group drives efficiency and process automation with AMCS Platform.

19th April 2023

Eindhoven, Netherlands - April 18, 2023

Ortessa Group drives efficiency and process automation with AMCS Platform.

Ortessa has announced that its subsidiaries Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor Composting have successfully transitioned to the AMCS Platform as of April 1.

The implementation enables Ortessa Group to execute collection routes more efficiently and go paperless while responding faster to customer needs and better track operational activities and financial handling throughout the process. The modern Platform offers an integrated cloud solution for planning, back office, weigh locations, execution, invoicing and has a 'real-time' integration with financial administration in AFAS, among others.

Ortessa is a group of venturing waste companies where transparency and service are held in high regard. To support its ambitions, Ortessa has implemented the AMCS Platform solution within its Dutch collection and recycling companies Van Kaathoven, veyzle and Valor Composting. This solution enables the organization to further digitize its business processes and lay the foundation for future scaling to multiple locations and regions.

"Well prepared and with complete confidence, we as a team said 'yes' to being at the forefront of this new development from and with AMCS. To be honest, the road to innovation has included bumps and unforeseen intersections. Therefore, a big congratulations to the entire project team, who worked passionately to ensure a controlled and, most importantly, smooth go-live for our customers. We are proud to be able to take our customer service to the next level with this new Platform," said General Manager of Ortessa, Eric Segers.

To facilitate the transition to the new system, AMCS fully automated the transfer of almost all necessary data from the source system (PB4all) to the new system. This saved much time on manual data entry and reduced the risk of data loss to zero.

AMCS Platform provides a standardized and secure environment that allows Ortessa quick and easy access to a wide range of solutions. Smart Dispatch for logistics planning and optimization, AMCS Mobile to support drivers with accurate order and route information, an integrated self-service portal for customers and powerful reporting capabilities. In addition, the application supports Ortessa in the areas of waste legislation, digital guidance documents, European tax/VAT legislation and various integrations and links.

The platform also features an integrated and certified weighing solution for inbound, outbound and sales flows and a mobile app to streamline the inbound/outbound material assessment process.

"We congratulate Ortessa on taking their new system live. It is a unique achievement to have gone live with all branches of the three Ortessa companies and with the complete portfolio of services in one weekend. This could only be realized with thorough preparation and excellent cooperation between operations, IT and the management of both organizations. With the new platform, Ortessa has state-of-the-art technology with which they respond to new opportunities and the changing needs in the market.

We will continue the close partnership we have built so that we can keep Ortessa at the forefront of the market in the future," said Mark Abbas, Senior Vice President at AMCS.

Frank Salens, ICT Manager at Ortessa added, "The team spirit and professionalism of the Ortessa and AMCS project members played a crucial role in the success of the project. I am grateful for everyone's hard work and commitment and look forward to building on this successful partnership. We strongly believe within Ortessa that openness contributes to change within the waste world. So any insights from new data are definitely going to contribute to further transparency and knowledge sharing."

About Ortessa Group b.v.

Ortessa is a group of five venturing waste companies: veyzle,, van Kaathoven, Rondo and Valor Composting. Together, the subsidiaries master all links of waste management, collection and processing and prove daily the power of smart partnering. Each with its own specialism in the field of waste, but with one clear joint mission: to be open about waste. With a realistic, pragmatic and results-oriented view, the Ortessa Group helps clients deal with waste challenges (financially) responsibly. Learn more at

About AMCS:

AMCS is a market leader in integrated software and vehicle technology for the environmental, waste, recycling and resource industries and also provides optimization solutions for the broader transportation and logistics market.  AMCS helps more than 4,000 customers worldwide reduce operating costs, increase asset utilization, optimize margins and improve customer service. The company's enterprise software and SaaS solutions deliver digital innovation to the emerging circular economy around the world. Learn more at


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