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Blog April 2021 Updated July 2023

Route optimization saves Omrin planners work

Underground containers emptied on time and more efficiently by dynamic planning and route optimization

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Martijn Schimmer

Martijn Schimmer

Intelligent Optimization Solution Advisor

Plan routes more logically so that underground containers are emptied more efficiently.

That is one of the major gains of route optimization for Omrin. As a result, the waste collector and processor can use one less vehicle every week, according to the explanation by business consultant Natasja Vemmer. "In addition, optimizing the planning and routes saves the planner a lot of work every day," she cites as another advantage. "Because we now have a good idea of ​​which container needs to be emptied, we also receive a lot fewer complaints from residents that we are late."

Plan routes based on an underground container fill level reporting system

Omrin collects waste for more than 175,000 households in the North. In part, underground containers are used for this, each with its own sensor. The software automatically receives the filling level at night, says business consultant Natasja Vemmer. "Based on this, the system indicates whether or not an underground container needs to be emptied. First, the emptying of underground containers that are completely full is scheduled. The system records how much time is needed to empty an underground container and how. the arrival time is long. In the PieterBas software, the planner indicates in the morning how many cars are available. Based on this, the system generates a proposal for a route. This includes the containers that are not yet completely full but based on this information. the route and can therefore be emptied efficiently. This is where the total number of containers to be emptied and the most optimal route roll out. "

Omrin always empties underground containers on time

The planner confirms the suggested route in AMCS. It then automatically goes to PieterBas' waste software and goes directly to the planning screen, explains Natasja. "With one press of a button, the planner can then send all orders to the onboard computer of the cars. At that time, he can also manually add an order to the route already created from PieterBas, such as an extra emptying. whether a container fills up extra quickly, for example during the weekend. This container will then automatically be placed on the route. The planner no longer has to discover this himself. " For Omrin that is quite a difference with the old situation, it becomes clear. “ When the sensors reported that an underground container was 70 percent full, the PieterBas software automatically created an order that put the planner on a route. This meant that we emptied all underground containers at that filling level while the containers slowly filled up. can easily be emptied at 90 percent. We would have had to empty the container less often and drive fewer kilometers. "

Fewer complaints from residents

Planning routes more logically. According to Natasja, this is one of the advantages for Omrin of route optimization. "Drivers no longer have to go to the other side of the city to empty a half-full underground container. Because this makes us work more efficiently, it saves a weekly car that we can use on a different route or for other work. plans with route optimization fewer complaints from residents. We now have a constant good view of the fill level of the containers and when they need to be emptied. As a result, we rarely arrive late. "

Rest on the schedule

And not unimportant, says Natasja in conclusion. "When the planner starts in the morning, he no longer has to check which containers need to be emptied. That work has already been done for him, including setting the containers to be emptied on the optimal route. That not only makes a huge difference. time, it also gives peace of mind to the planning. " It turned out that this took some getting used to for the drivers. " They already drove with an onboard computer and were able to decide in which order to empty underground containers. Now the system determines their exact routes. They were initially somewhat skeptical about this. After all, they have years of experience, they are proud of the city as clean as possible. to avoid having bags next to an underground container. But they gave it a chance and then were sold relatively quickly. Now they are enthusiastic. If only because they no longer have to go to the other side of the city empty a half-full container. "

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