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Blog April 2021 Updated July 2023

AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP works as one ICT system

Digitize and automate all operational processes throughout the organization. This is possible with AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP

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Mark Kettles

Mark Kettles

Head of Product Marketing

Digitize and automate all operational processes throughout the organization. This is possible with AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP, the strategic collaboration between AFAS Software and the AMCS Group. AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP works as one system, says sales manager Frank Dusée. "It offers waste collectors and processors a total solution for complete waste logistics, including route optimization and recycling of paper, cardboard, and metal. The integrated ERP system also provides for the automation of the entire administration: from CRM, HRM to financials. In total there are nine links that are maintained as standard. Companies in the waste industry are therefore always assured of an optimally functioning system, including updates, upgrades, and new functionalities that are added. "

No more unnecessary journeys and save costs

Being able to set up operational processes very efficiently. According to Dusée, this is one of the advantages of AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP. "That saves work and time, which means that waste companies save on costs. By handling orders with a tablet or on-board computer, for example, no unnecessary trips are made, which means that companies save a substantial amount per accompanying letter. Route optimization also offers the possibility to collect more waste with fewer vehicles. On balance, all these improvements have a direct positive effect on the financial results of companies. "As another benefit, Dusée mentions that AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP is fully integrated. " Data only needs to be entered once, which significantly reduces the probability of error. In addition, data and the status of orders and debtors are stored in one system and available at the touch of a button. "

Monitor and adjust all processes company-wide

And not unimportant, he emphasizes. "The company information is real-time and company-wide. Administrative actions and operational movements are recorded directly, automatically, and once in the system. With one push of a button, you can see how the organization is doing. Policy decisions are therefore taken on the basis of the correct information. Moreover, the management information is always complete and up to date. "An advantage of AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP, according to Dusée, is also the simple management and maintenance of the ICT. " Unified platforms allow companies in the waste industry to benefit from the easy system and database management. In case of malfunctions, there is one counter as the point of contact. IT administrators do not have to worry about matching releases. Link management is also a thing of the past. There are a total of nine standard interfaces that are maintained to standards and as a result of which the hybrid ERP of AMCS and AFAS works as one ICT system. For example, there is a central debtor and liability administration. Drivers who report sick in AFAS are automatically blocked in AMCS. All links are certified and are tested every 24 hours. "

AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP complies with Flemish legislation and regulations

AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP is ideally suited for Flemish waste collectors and recyclers, says Dusée. For example, the ICT system complies with Tracimat, among other things. This allows Flemish companies to register every phase in the processing of construction and demolition waste and rubble, with both a low and high environmental risk profile. The digital identification form is also a standard part of the software. If an order is created for the exchange or removal of a full sales container, the system automatically fills in the form. The planner can then assign the orders to the cars and send them to the driver's tablet or on-board computer. He starts an order by selecting an order in the digital trip list. He also automatically retrieves the correctly completed identification form and can show this to the enforcer on the way. After weighing a load, the Certipro and Copro logos are also printed on the weighing slip as standard, including the correct CE marking. Printing logos of certification bodies as standard on the weighing slip has a big advantage. Recycling companies thus comply with Flemish regulations for recycled aggregates. "

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