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Blog May 2020 Updated July 2023

A first for AMCS: webinar Mobile Workforce working at 1.5 meters

On June 3rd, international experts will explain how the mobile application works for drivers

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Martijn Schimmer

Intelligent Optimization Solution Advisor

How can AMCS Mobile Workforce support remote working in these times? These and other questions will be answered by international experts on June 3rd during the first live webinar on this topic. This gives the company that digitises and automates thousands of waste and processing companies worldwide, a first. It is the first time that product manager Ken Tierney and sales manager Rogier de Klein will jointly present a live webinar on the possibilities of the mobile solution that contributes to improving productivity, reducing operational and security risks and improving customer service.

“Now more than ever, it is of the utmost importance that companies implement new technologies to work remotely. Mobile Workforce is one of the six solutions from AMCS Platform that contribute to this through digitisation. The live webinar on June 3 sheds light on how the mobile application works for drivers when they fulfill their orders as well as for planners, supervisors and other colleagues in the organisation. ”

The live webinar will take place on June 3rd. Our team of international experts cordially invites you to attend. Click here to register for the free live webinar.

Real-time information provides an up-to-date overview of order management

With digital order management, processing huge stacks of paper in both the cabin and the office is a thing of the past. AMCS Mobile Workforce digitizes the complete order management of waste and recycling companies. All documents and processes are digitized; from order form, trip lists, guided navigation, the signature for receipt up to and including the completion of the order.

During the execution of orders, data is exchanged real-time with the back office and the collected data is analyzed with AMCS Analytics. Thanks to this total solution, the mobile application offers a series of advantages, including better control of the correct execution of orders and real-time view of the status of the vehicle. Also, there is no more revenue leakage because all the work performed is registered and the location of vehicles is always known.

With AMCS Mobile Workforce there is a continuous real-time connection with the drivers wherever they are. This provides a constant overview of waste collection, including changes to collection routes, real-time recording of customer collection data, efficient and paperless tracking, and order management. This makes waste collection both dynamic, flexible and much more productive at the same time. In addition to real-time execution of orders and signing for receipt, AMCS Mobile also offers container management, vehicle tracking, and time and kilometer registration. All digital and in real time. It is precisely through this digitisation that waste companies increase their efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing their administrative burdens, such as double entry, reducing errors by drivers, planners and call center employees.

The real-time exchange of data with the central ERP system means that up-to-date information is continuously available for planning and the call centre. This overview offers the planner, for example, the option of scheduling rush orders in existing collection routes. In addition, the call center employees have all the information available to answer customer questions immediately. Because they know which order a driver is currently executing, the call center can proactively inform customers about expected changes. As a result, AMCS Mobile Workforce has a positive effect on scheduling urgent orders, responding quickly to customer questions and acting proactively before customers have questions.

AMCS Mobile reduces safety risks for drivers

Reducing safety and health risks for drivers. This is possible with AMCS Mobile through an extensive series of integrated options. An example of this is the automatic switching off of the tablet or on-board computer above a set speed. This prevents the driver from being distracted from his collection route while driving. Other examples are the automatic loading of the routes, the rejection of an action advised by the system with one action and the automatic linking of order information to the relevant customer along the way.

An integrated part of the mobile solution is also guided navigation that guides drivers safely through their collection routes with voice messages. This allows them to fully concentrate on the road while at the same time being aware of the possible dangers. The planner or supervisor has the option of adding extra instructions to the system. This so-called "route editor" informs the driver, for example, that he is approaching a school or prevents the driver from crossing a busy street unnecessarily.

Guided navigation contributes to a safer working environment for drivers, says Malte Zinke, project manager logistics at Veolia Germany. "Information is displayed by the system as a voice message," he said in an interview with AMCS. "This significantly improves safety because the driver always has both hands on the wheel."

The live webinar will take place on June 3rd. Our team of international experts cordially invites you to attend. Click here to register for the free live webinar.

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