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Blog August 2020 Updated May 2022

Your customer relationships are more important than ever

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

The global economic crisis of 2020 demands strategic responses. If your initial reaction is to cut costs, cut wisely. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the last thing you want to do is cut anything that can damage your customer relationships – and those relationships are especially important right now. In fact, the stronger your customer relationships, the more resilient your company will be to changing market conditions.

Strengthening customer relationships

No doubt they’re looking for cost-cutting efficiencies. You can help them with that, while cutting your own operating costs.

AMCS Customer Portal, supported by AMCS Platform, should be a part of any customer-centric strategy during normal times. Now it’s imperative. A secure SaaS solution, it allows your customers to manage and self-service their account on their own terms. At their own convenience, anytime day or night, they can take advantage of reporting tools, put in order requests, process payments, take care of invoice management, and ensure they’re paying the correct prices.

The portal also enables faster time to market, so you can launch new services to customers that can further strengthen your relationship.

They can create new orders based on their location. Operational areas, known as geo-fencing, returns the correct service and price book to customers. With the portal, they can complete the order online, by themselves. This not only supports them but protects your margins by ensuring that only the correct pricing and services are processed.

AMCS Customer Portal empowers customers, making them more agile. They can get the information they want or automate a task or transaction. No sitting in a phone queue. No time spent having to communicate a request or having to do these things during your opening hours.

Giving your customers a digital experience, and thus enabling them to gain efficiencies and agility, is critical to raising customer satisfaction. Of course, this won’t replace human interaction with your customers, but it does give them an all-important channel to help them improve their own performance while addressing their desire for faster service.

This is how you inspire customer loyalty through any adversity.

What’s in it for you?

Offering a customer portal pays big dividends for your business.

Providing customers with quality information in real time improves customer satisfaction by up to 33%. According to a 2017 McKinsey Report, improving your customer experience can reduce churn by 10% – 15% and lower costs to serve by up to 50%. That’s staggering.

A further boost to your financial picture is improved cash flow. This is a result of giving customers a seamless way to pay quickly. Another benefit is reduced pressure on your staff. You can streamline resources and reduce call volumes by up to 30%. Because you’re allowing customers to automate transactions, you free up your staff to use their time more efficiently. For instance, they can apply their efforts to more value-added tasks.

AMCS Customer Portal is also a means of delivering a branding experience to your customers with specially designed templates. This is a way to present a polished and professional look to your clients. Keep in mind, too, that a consistent look, message and feel deepens the trust your customers have in you. AMCS Customer Portal includes email templates that support all lines of your business and types of customer interactions. You can schedule branded promotions, receipts, and follow-ups to run automatically.

AMCS has expert knowledge of the Commercial & Industrial waste industry and understands your needs. That insight is designed into the Customer Portal, so it covers everything you and your customers need. The process-driven methodology and standardisation supports your business goals while making life easier for your customers.

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AMCS Customer Portal

Reduce call volumes, decrease call center operational costs and increase customer satisfaction

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AMCS Customer Portal

Reduce call volumes, decrease call center operational costs and increase customer satisfaction

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