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Blog August 2020 Updated May 2022

Over-react, under-react, or get it right

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

Data changes with every action taken by you and your customers. If you’re using manual processes, it takes time for that information to filter its way through the paper to reach you. By then, it’s already outdated, nor can you be sure of its accuracy for when it was recorded.

What are the chances your decisions, based on that information, will maximise profitability? Basing decisions on outdated information will mean you either over-react or under-react. To get it right, you need real-time data and analytics to tell you what it means. This is business intelligence.

AMCS Platform supports solutions that handle your end-to-end operations. One critical solution is AMCS Analytics, which drives insight into your business, enabling you to make smarter decisions.

Data is everything

With AMCS Platform, you can collect data from different areas of your business, as it happens. These data streams can come from billing, customer behaviour, on-board computing and route optimisation, materials and inventory – in a nutshell, if it can be recorded, you’ve got data.

Take vehicle technology, such as weighing and RFID. Sensors collect your data, allowing you to get the accurate weight of each wheelie bin or container lifted. You can gather data for your routes driven and the collections that take place. If relevant to your business, you can also digitally record and photograph your materials being weighed to give your database accurate records of all transactions.

However, possessing this data is meaningless if you don’t know what to do with it.

Deep insight into your business

The Reporting & Analytics Work Centre is part of AMCs Analytics. It acts as the central repository of a standard product and user-defined reports and analytics. You can turn your data into a report that enables business intelligence for you to make evidence-based decisions.

An analysis of your routes, for example, enables you to measure your route and customer profitability KPIs. How many collections per kilometre take place? What is your revenue and margin per kilometre? What is your margin per customer? Based on the correct weight of each wheelie bin or container lifted, what should you be charging customers? These are the kind of questions that AMCS Analytics can answer to help you get it right.

This is the transparency of your operations. It’s all there for you to see. This critical, in-depth reporting enables you to identify cost savings and operational efficiencies while eliminating revenue leakage.

Presentation of the data is incredibly important to make sense of it. Do you really want another spreadsheet? A report with charts and graphs makes the information easy to consume and understand. The self-service embedded reporting tool gives you unlimited layout and visualisation layouts, so you can create the report that works best for your needs.

Another interesting tool is AMCS DataMart, for C&I waste companies who rely on their own visualisation tools or business intelligence technology. AMCS DataMart holds the data that different streams within your company collect. You can access specific data on one topic in order to make timely decisions. There’s no sifting through diverse data points to find what you’re after. It’s easily accessible to help you accelerate business performance.

AMCS Analytics is critical for both SMBs and larger companies. No matter what your size, you have data. Now it’s time to make it work for you.

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AMCS Analytics Brochure

Learn more about how AMCS Analytics can predict and improve business performance with unparalleled insights

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