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Blog July 2023 Updated August 2023

Making data-driven decisions in fleet maintenance

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Bob Hausler

Vice President Transport, North America, AMCS

Why manual processes present obstacles  

You’re holding yourself back if you’re still using manual processes in your fleet maintenance. You’re not alone, if that’s any consolation: 32% of transportation and logistics companies rely on manual steps in more than 50% of their processes, see source. The ones working digitally are no doubt more efficient (which translates to lower costs) and agile, able to quickly respond to surprises or trends.

The problem with manual processes is the lack of visibility and the time it takes to carry out tasks, which typically involves duplicating efforts. (For example, capturing data on a clip board and then having to manually enter it into a database.)

Your data can also be inaccurate if handwriting is illegible or data is entered in the wrong format. Manually tracking maintenance schedules, repairs, and inspections can quickly become overwhelming, particularly when dealing with a large fleet of vehicles. Manual processes, such as paper logs or spreadsheets, can lead to errors, inconsistent record keeping, and missed maintenance. Without proper maintenance, vehicles can become unsafe and unreliable, leading to increased costs, decreased productivity, potentially dangerous situations, and penalties.

Manual processes can also increase downtime, unexpected breakdowns, and missed opportunities to optimize maintenance schedules. The inability to generate and collect accurate and real-time data prevents you from gaining actionable insights. Without an organized system for tracking maintenance metrics and analytics, how can you identify patterns and make informed decisions about maintenance schedules and repairs?

Digital technology puts you ahead  

This is where best-in-class, cloud-based software comes in. AMCS Fleet Maintenance provides real-time data, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. You can easily identify trends, manage preventive maintenance (PM) compliance, optimize maintenance schedules, and predict potential issues before they become major problems.

“Root cause analysis can save money on repairs in the long run.” - Bob Nolen, Director of Fleet and Facilities, Transportation Services

Accurate data capture is absolutely essential to maintaining a true history of assets and to avoid repairing the same asset repeatedly. The key to this is to ensure that your software is aligned with the technician’s processes and workflows, so that the data capture happens without extra steps. With the use of mobile devices, AMCS Fleet Maintenance lets you capture accurate and quality data from the shop floor and makes it easy for your employees. You can evaluate performance and make data-driven decisions, such as when to retire or replace assets.

Tracking (cost, maintenance history, fuel, etc.) is a critical component of fleet management.. But it’s not just about assets - you can also track technicians, work orders, and tasks, and identify if your team is underused, overstretched, or may need training..

With accurate fleet data, you can make informed decisions, knowing the cost per mile or hour, tracking tire and part costs and identify the best asset manufacturer. The ability to document direct – and indirect – work tells you the true cost per mile.

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