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Blog November 2018 Updated April 2021

Going further with the AMCS Platform

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As software and services run on the internet instead of your computer, the cloud is a wonderful thing. In essence, it relieves you of pressures on the job, while reducing costs and improving customer service. While that’s what your software and hardware do, technology marches on. The cloud keeps you in sync with current technology and accelerates your capabilities while making you more competitive. To take advantage of the cloud and its easier user experience, you need to consider the AMCS Platform.

The AMCS Platform

This is an enterprise-grade cloud and software platform. (“Enterprise-grade” supports larger or complex organizations with their different demands and workloads.)

The beauty of the AMCS Platform is that it’s customizable and scalable. You take only the applications you need Enterprise Management, Mobile Workforce, Vehicle  Technology, Intelligent Optimisation, Digital Engagement, and – or – Analytics.

With the cloud platform, you have a completely integrated solution. In the old way, you had to switch between applications. Now all of those applications are in the same convenient solution, saving you valuable time. Multiple applications. One solution.

Real-time vs. near real-time

Prices fluctuate. That’s life. With the old way of working, pricing was down to intelligent guesses, but that threatened to wreak havoc on your margins. The AMCS Platform makes you savvy in a way you couldn’t be before. It gives you a quick understanding of the prices of every logistics element within your supply chain, allowing you to control your costs with discernment.

The latest technology

The AMCS Platform blends industry-specific software with best-in-class optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies. You’ll have real-time and predictive intelligence to empower you going forward.

A better experience for your customers

Knowledge is actionable. The AMCS Platform will enable you to deliver projects quicker. You become more agile. With a real-time inventory of assets, you also can manage customer expectations.

Another important point: AMCS’s cloud platform is reliable, backing up systems. Failure of a system doesn’t mean the loss of customer data, as it might if you depended on your own servers. They – and you – are in safe hands. The cloud also offers airtight security,  with far more updates than what you’re probably doing now.

You don’t need servers

About your servers: you don’t need them. The cloud runs on AMCS servers, not yours.  As your business grows, the AMCS Platform grows with you. It’s entirely scalable. You don’t have to worry about adding any IT infrastructure. No maintenance, tech support, or server issues, in other words. This amounts to significant cost savings.

The AMCS Platform blends industry-specific software with best-in-class optimization capabilities, e-commerce ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies, giving you end-to-end standardization. With the cloud, you get an entirely superior user experience, while reducing your carbon footprint. (No servers means no air conditioning needed to cool  your racks.)

With the AMCS Platform cloud solution, you have absolutely everything to gain.

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