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Innovations in the Circular Economy: AI in Resource Management

Anticipating costly and dangerous situations in the environmental sector with the help of AI.

This webinar is only available in Dutch, please register here.

Innovations in the circular economy: AI in resource management

Ever-increasing costs, increased risks of property damage and threats to worker safety - all due to contamination in waste streams. Do these challenges sound all too familiar to you? We are pleased to present a revolutionary approach to addressing these issues.

Find out during the webinar "Innovations in the Circular Economy: AI in Resource Management."

In this webinar, we will introduce you to AI innovations that promise to radically change the way we analyze and manage waste streams through early detection of contamination.

This topic is particularly relevant in light of recent data showing that abandoned gas cylinders in residual waste will have caused a €65 million loss for Dutch waste processors only (NOS, 2023).

But how can we avoid such costly and dangerous situations in the future?

In this webinar we highlight some of the benefits AI innovations have to offer:

  • Early detection of contaminants: With the application of advanced AI technologies, potential hazards, such as gas cylinders, can be identified early, preventing costly emergencies.
  • Increased staff safety: Early detection of contaminants can ensure a safer working environment for your staff.
  • Deeper insights into the quality of waste collection routes: Using AI to assess waste streams at source, we can help you identify the most effective and efficient collection routes.
  • Automatic detection of overflowing containers: This leads to more efficient waste management and a safer working environment for your staff.

Register for our webinar to learn more about how we are using AI innovations to advance the circular economy. Your company, your employees and our planet will all benefit.

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