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Blog January 2019 Updated July 2023

Future proofing your business with AMCS Platform

The waste and recycling industry is undergoing unprecedented change around the world as we transition from linear to circular economies. While that demands a change in your processes, it also involves a change in the technology to support those processes.

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The waste and recycling industry is undergoing unprecedented change around the world as we transition from linear to circular economies. While that demands a change in your processes, it also involves a change in the technology to support those processes.

Gaining a competitive edge involves working from a platform that enables you to operate on a whole new level – a platform that allows you to be more agile and work smarter.  We’re not talking about anything complicated. Quite the opposite.

On-premise software confines you in the new environment in which you’re working. The cloud opens up opportunities you’ve never experienced.

This is why we’ve launched the AMCS Platform. What’s different? For starters, it’s the fourth generation AMCS Platform, more powerful and rich, with an intelligent and ridiculously easy user experience. But first, let’s talk about the cloud vs. legacy systems.

Legacy systems are still relevant – so what’s the problem?

Your legacy systems amounted to a sizeable investment, so it’s only natural to want to hold on to them, even if they are proving problematic. They’re still relevant to your business, but the problem is that the technology is obsolete.

At some point, aging IT architecture requires more investment. It becomes a monster that needs constant feeding. The biggest cost, however – impossible to calculate – is that it holds you back. What you’re offering is inadequate service by today’s standards, putting up barriers between you and your customers.

A 2013 study by IBM found that companies who deployed cloud gained a competitive advantage: “These pacesetters are re-inventing customer relationships, using analytics extensively to derive insights from big data, sharing data seamlessly, and making data-driven and evidence-based decisions. Most importantly, pacesetters are growing revenue and gross profit faster than other organizations.”

That was then. Can anyone still afford to continue with legacy systems?

It’s time

The Tech Republic reports that 95% of all data-center traffic will be cloud-related by 2021. The cloud is inevitable for most companies. Those that do it sooner rather than later will reap the rewards from customers.

What we’re talking about with the AMCS Platform is Enterprise-Grade Cloud. This is the tough stuff, designed for larger organizations to offer powerful performance and security. Compliance is built into the architecture, so there’s no need to buy and apply for separate licenses.

Granted, this is not an upgrade. It’s a leap from the first generation to the fourth. It calls for a new strategy. A new way of thinking. It’s also worth noting that there’s no upfront capital investment. This is a service you’ve never known before.

What can you do with the AMCS Platform?

This is all about making your business more agile, a must in the waste and recycling industry. It’s not just a solution for your operations, but your entire value proposition.

AMCS Platform is an intuitive, end-to-end solution that future-proofs your business. This intelligent platform brings together industry-specific SaaS with best-in-class features such as robust optimization capabilities, ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies.

Consider the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it’s relevant to your business. With AMCS Platform, your back office and trucks can communicate. Data can be taken from bin sensors and lift systems, for example, and analyzed. This deep insight gives you the information you need to determine your next actions. The sharing of information happens in real-time.  

All of this is so incredibly easy to use. We think you’ll love it. The UX blends best-practice business processes in the industry with intelligent information design. It already understands your business processes – it knows what you want and needs, so you won’t spend your time keying in information. AMCS Platform already has it, thanks to IoT and automated data gathering. It uses your business processes to show screens that calculate values and populate fields for you.

This is science, art, and design for the eye, brought together in one platform. With AMCS Platform, the heavy work is done for you.

No vendor lock-in

While AMCS Platform web integrates our own solutions tailored to the waste and recycling industry, that doesn’t mean you have to implement them. You may want to use your own applications, and that’s okay. AMCS Platform gives you that flexibility.

Use our full-solutions portfolio or integrate third-party solutions through open APIs – which make it easier to build on or integrate other solutions within the AMCS Platform.  You can customize it however you want so that it’s tailored to your specific needs. Technology moves at such a rapid rate and AMCS Platform is built for that change; changes in the industry and with customers’ needs.

Being ‘built for change’ requires instant updates and deployments, as and when required. The AMCS Platform is built for this, with bi-weekly updates to the system for our customers’ benefits.  No more updates or deployments that take weeks and months, it’s now instant.

It’s all so simple, just the way it’s designed to be.

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