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Blog November 2018

End-to-end principles address changing marketplace

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End-to-end principles address changing marketplace

China’s 2018 ban on the import of 24 categories of solid waste has significantly impacted the commodity price of recyclables in North America and Europe. The Economist reports that at recycling plants across the Western world, bales of mixed paper and polymers are languishing in forecourts, with no place to go.

Recycling firms have traditionally paid authorities for waste that could be turned into recycled goods, but with the loss of China as their primary market, many are now under pressure. In North America and across Europe, firms are re-examining their contractual relationships with local governments.

Among these challenges, many councils have faced the difficulty of absorbing any potential losses to prevent increasing rates.

To ensure that these costs are absorbed with minimal disruption, collection, and recycling, businesses are advised to find productivity gains in software and digital solutions.

A supplier of these systems with a proven track record is AMCS Group. Their range of systems makes business improvements that span contract pricing to eliminating revenue leakage in places not immediately noticeable. Companies can find operational savings in fuel, easier compliance, staff training, and administration and planning.

For example, Route Optimisation can help reduce vehicles on the road by ascertaining the best use of resources for a collection company’s fleet, while also reducing CO2 emissions. Auditing and automating pricing can eliminate the possibility of fraud – safeguarding a business against any potential breaches. Standardization can ensure a business flows seamlessly with no breakdown in processes or lost revenue due to mixed-up paperwork or rekeying data. In meeting the challenges of regional or legislative waste management rules and regulations, exporting documents with waste directives can support compliance.

AMCS Platform

To help support the end-to-end process, AMCS Group has bundled up all of these areas under one platform. The AMCS Platform is an enterprise-grade platform that runs in the cloud. It aims to drive automation and delivers end-to-end standardization and optimization of a company’s business processes, resulting in sizeable cost savings.

The modern, scalable platform bonds industry-specific software with robust optimization capabilities, ingenuity, and on-vehicle technologies.

The AMCS Platform covers areas of the waste industry ranging from municipal waste, to commercial and industrial, construction and demolition, recycling, and materials recovery facilities.

For municipal waste collection, AMCS offers route planning; vehicle technology such as weighing and RFID; summer and winter services; and customer service support. The platform provides real-time visibility of the collection service progress, providing access to customer and service data to allow incoming questions to be handled on the spot. The end result helps to minimize call-out costs and customer-service levels.

To further reduce interaction with call centers, the AMCS Digital Engagement platform and customer portal provides a customer-facing, self-service solution. In-cab and vehicle solutions can be tailored to suit the individual municipal functional requirements and budget.

AMCS’ commercial and industrial and construction and demolition waste services can be used for frequency-based services as well as on-call services. The system uses intelligent optimization to enable its customers to extract maximum value from their available budgets. AMCS supplies a proprietary certified weighing system for waste collection that integrates fully with the AMCS waste management solution for pay-by-weight or recycling monitoring programs.

In terms of recycling services, AMCS covers a solution for recycling, material trading, and international exports of raw materials. This comprises inbound management, including material grading and recording contamination, to stock management and recycling processes. The system can manage outbound streams, including material sales and trading.

The AMCS platform integrates with a large variety of weighbridge indicators in real-time, eliminating weigh-ticket-data double entry. For materials recovery facilities, AMCS Enterprise Management covers the entire process, including grading inbound material and recording contamination.

When choosing software, companies can go for solutions that address specific issues vs the end-to-end process of course. But keep in mind, an end-to-end solution will make the biggest impact in terms of process improvements.

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