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Second Machine Age

Is your waste business gearing for the second machine age?

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Changing Digital Technologies

Recent changes in digital technologies are combining a range of amazing innovations that are rapidly being proven in real-world situations bringing science fiction future predictions into reality faster than we may realize. While some of these may not stretch as far into the waste industry, renowned for its slow adoption of technology (compared to neighboring industries such as couriers and parcel pickup-delivery), these emerging technologies could herald massive changes in business operations processes as the start of a new machine age has potential for a far bigger impact than the original industrial revolution:



Unlocking Value with Subcontractor Automation


Digital Engagement Brochure

Streamline and digitise customer and partner processes to create operational efficiencies and drive margin expansion.


AMCS Weighbridge Brochure

Weighbridge operators can create scale tickets with speed and simplicity

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Whitepaper; Is your waste business agile

Is your waste business gearing for the second machine age

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