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Improving efficiency within the Building Materials Industry

Breaking down silos to improve performance


Breaking down silos to improve planning optimization in the Building Materials Industry.

Data provides the biggest opportunity for increasing downstream profitability. To collect accurate, meaningful data is to gain insights into your operations that enable smarter, better decision-making. You can view the value chain and workflows in real-time and see exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Digitalization automates your processes.

Essentially, it does the heavy lifting for you. For example, it can easily handle complex planning issues and allow teams to address strategic issues vs. repetitive tasks. Digitalization is about making work easier, smarter, and less stressful. By automating processes, you have more time to drive other growth factors like lower carbon emissions and reduced operating costs.

Improving efficiency within the Building Materials Industry

AMCS offers three best-in-class, cloud-based enterprise solutions designed specifically for the building materials industry: AMCS Cement Planner, AMCS Concrete Planner, and AMCS Aggregates Planner. They optimize planning with each turn of events. Companies can reduce the time spent on the road, decrease mileage and carbon emissions, and use fewer vehicles, making significant savings on operational costs.
These planners integrate with any existing systems you might be using. If your system is paper, then you can begin your digital journey with AMCS’ suite of solutions designed to boost your performance.