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Cutting costs with AMCS Fleet Maintenance

Discover how our fleet maintenance solution can help improve fleet performance and productivity

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Reduce Cost, Increase Productivity, Improve Safety and Compliance with AMCS Fleet Maintenance. 

Discover how our fleet maintenance solution can help you solve common issues that negatively impact fleet performance, for example: 

  • Inaccurate data capture, which leads to bad decisions 
  • Incomplete cost analysis 
  • Asset breakdowns and unplanned maintenance 
  • Compromised safety record and high insurance costs 
  • High fuel consumption, made worse by skyrocketing fuel prices  

The AMCS Fleet Maintenance solution is the evolution of the acquisition of US-based Dossier Systems in 2021. Dossier Systems served the fleet industries for over 40 years. As a result, this solution, while modern, has decades of fleet expertise embedded.  

In this Webinar you will learn how AMCS Fleet Management can not only positively impact your business, but improve the work experience for your fleet team, improving overall morale.  

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The webinar covered the overall solution at a high level, followed by a demo so you can see the power wrapped in the intuitive UX. We focused on how the use of mobile technology takes your workflows to the next level. 

If your company depends on a fleet, it needs to run at peak performance. Unplanned failures and breakdowns are killers of profits, customer satisfaction, and employee morale. You need a tool that helps you plan, execute, and track maintenance such that you’re operating a safe, compliant and cost-effective fleet.  

Typical benefits from using AMCS Fleet Maintenance are:

  • Up to 10% reduction in maintenance costs 
  • Up to 10% reduction in fuel costs 
  • Up to 20% increase in labour productivity 
  • Up to 30% reduction parts/inventory costs 

In this webinar you will hear from two of our fleet experts, Bob Hausler and John Walborn. 

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