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Transport optimization for building materials

Discover how cutting-edge planning improves distribution in the building materials industry

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How cutting-edge planning technology is reshaping the building materials industry

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Learn how a new generation planning system specialised for the building materials sector can have a direct impact on your company’s profitability.

Highly efficient distribution and dispatching planning systems are extremely important for any business and it’s no different when you distribute aggregates, cement, or concrete. However, the complexity of these types of deliveries makes transport optimisation extremely challenging. To be successful you need a specialised solution that can adapt to any conceivable business requirement, thereby guaranteeing the best optimisation and execution possible even in real-time, while dealing with any volume of last-minute orders, delays and order changes, not to mention securing a steady flow of delivery and an optimal utilisation of resources.

AMCS has a robust and proven solution specialised for aggregates, cement, concrete and other materials and is used by the leaders in the industry, such as Tarmac, Cementir (Unicon, Aalborg Portland and CCB) and AfriSam. The potential improvements are substantial and help companies improve their competitiveness through more accurate deliveries and better customer service.

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