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AMCS garbage truck guided navigation

Turn-by-turn navigation tools purpose-built for waste collection and street cleaning operations

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All drivers, all routes; AMCS Guided Navigation   

AMCS Guided Navigation (Guided Navigation) is a state-of-the-art navigation system, designed for use in waste collection tasks or street cleaning. The solution combines technology and human experience. Helps you realize huge improvements in operational efficiency.

AMCS Guided Navigation provides the driver with turn-by-turn navigation as they navigate their route, ensuring that every leg is completed, every scheduled stop is made, and every pickup is completed.

Key business and environmental benefits include:

  • Safety – instructions via voice messages allow the driver to remain fully focused on the road, while being alerted to potential hazards.
  • Driver Efficiency – In an industry with high driver turnover and temporary work, additional navigation can allow drivers to “learn” a route from day one and eliminate the need to double the number of drivers per vehicle.
  • Customer service – the system has been shown to significantly reduce an efficiency indicator, which is the number of unloaded container lifts on the truck. In addition to improving the customer experience, each lift not performed can cost the contractor company approximately 45 euros.
  • Reduced fuel use and emissions – By ensuring the driver takes the optimal route, the chances of additional unnecessary miles driven, which would result from driver error or missed lifts, are lessened.

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