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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Innovations, redefining the ‘Tailored to Waste’ experience with its optimised accuracy and efficiency. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.


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Spotlight Series 1/2: integrated IT system increases turnover
Save an extraordinary amount on costs and at the same time, significantly improve efficiency. With an integrated IT system waste and recycling companies can increase their turnover and margins. This is evident from a case study by the American-based Russell Reid & Mr. John which, with the end-to-end solution, also improves the customer experience while at the same time reduces call centre costs.
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AMCS Customer Support Portal AMCS Portal end-to-end solution integrated IT system.jpg
AMCS Group rolls out next-generation customer support portal
Committed to delivering a much faster and excellent customer support experience. With this, the brand-new Customer Support Portal is highly improving end-customer service levels.
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returpack collection
Significant cut back in planning time through dynamic route optimisation
Substantially decrease planning time and with that reduce costs. Waste and recycling companies optimising planning and waste collection routes do profit from both of these two major benefits.
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Guided navigation reduces missed bins and associated extra costs
Well experienced drivers sharing their knowledge about waste collecting routes, this is one of the main benefits of guided navigation.
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AES helper with bins and truck
Optimising master routes leads to 10 to 20% savings in waste collection
Waste collection routes for household and commercial waste can be planned 10 to 20% more efficiently.
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Karle Recycling and AMCS metal
Karle Recycling digitally integrates three operations activities into one
Due to the integration with AMCS’ Recycling Software, Karle Recycling is able to monitor all operational processes in one central system. This major benefit is demonstrated in a video made by AMCS at the metal recycler.
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In-cab device mitigates operational risk through real-time data exchange
Constant and up-to-date customer, route and vehicle information available across the organisation through the real-time exchange of data. With this, the AMCS’ in-cab mobile device provides actual route information to mitigate operational risk.
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Veolia photo credits.jpg
Pilot project: through guided navigation route information is digitally available for Veolia drivers in Germany
The knowledge of experienced drivers on how routes are driven in the most efficient way, is now digitally available for all other colleagues. For Veolia Germany, this is one of the main benefits of guided navigation.
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Omrin is the Frisian word for recycle. They have ambitions in the field of circular economy, inclusive society, innovation and connectivity. They collect household waste and its components in 18 municipalities for about 207,000 households. Omrin does this together with 450 proud employees and that has made them the most sustainable company in the Netherlands in 2019. Results: Filling levels have been optimised from 60% to now 80%, there's been more peace of mind at the planning department and they have got a whole new area, a huge expansion, included in the dynamic planning process.
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Webinar Cyber Security in the Cloud for the Waste and Recycling Industry

Safeguard your business continuity through cyber security

AMCS in partnership with Microsoft is pleased to announce the first in a series of seminars on the benefits of a cloud deployment model for waste and recycling organizations. Sign up now for March 3 15.00 BST |16.00 CET

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