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How to Succeed with Technology: Interview with Sharae Matteu

Success in enterprise management is easier said than done, as organizations must grapple with both the technical and human sides of change management to achieve their goals. Drawing from her experience working across the AMCS customer base, Sharae Matteu, customer success team lead for North America, outlines a multi-step best practice for addressing technical change management:


Global aggregates market is on the rise

Secondary and recycled aggregates are potentially interesting sources for the building material industry


Smart optimisation provides cement producers both agility and efficiency

Smart optimisation provides cement producers both agility and efficiency


How to juggle 30-tonne trucks

AMCS Intelligent Optimization enables just-in-time delivery of ready-mix concrete


Challenges in Downstream Oil & Gas Distribution

And how innovative technology can help you address them. When talking about the oil & gas industry, one typically distinguishes between the following three segments: upstream


Optimisation software for dynamic distribution of ready-mix concrete

Just-in-time delivery of ready-mix concrete within extremely short time windows. Orders for construction sites must meet high requirements. Optimising both order planning and the routes to deliver the loads is key for the industry, which has unique demands characteristic to ready-mix. AMCS state-of-the-art transportation optimisation system includes a number of special features for the different types of building materials like ready-mix concrete, cement, aggregates, prefab, metal products or other building material products.


Smart waste planning drives value

Value-creation opportunity in a circular economy


Three fleet trends to watch in 2018

The trucking and lorry industry continues to evolve with the latest technologies and relevant events that impact the sector. Here’s a look at what you should expect to see in industry news for the rest of the year.


Webinar on efficiency and sustainability of construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste is one of the largest waste streams in waste collection and recycling.

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