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The Future of Telematics: Autonomous Electric Vehicles, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence and beyond

The fourth blog in our Telematics series


Sustainability and Circular Economy. Thought Leadership Q&A with Dr. Adam Read, Suez UK.

Circular economy


Sustainability- Making your transport work better right now for your customers and the planet

“Done right, sustainability doesn’t cost. It pays.” Jack Levis, former Senior Director of Innovation at UPS.


Five Reasons Why Recyclers Need to Think About Demand Planning

Balance the supply of materials with demand from customers


Could the US Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act boost scrap metal prices in 2022?


How the new US National Recycling Strategy will deliver opportunities for the emerging circular economy

The 2021 National Recycling Strategy is a gamechanger


How Waste and Recycling companies can mitigate the extra cost of the red diesel ban with Route Optimization

Red Diesel Cost Mitigation


The Driver debrief: How to extract maximum benefit from this key process using the AMCS Platform with Telematics

In this article, I look at driver debrief, and how using telematics can be a valuable tool for coaching drivers to ensure driving efficiency and safety.


AMCS Timely Topics Webinar Series - Year in Review

A look back at our Timely Topics Webinar Series of 2021.

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AMCS Acquires Utility Billing Software Company Utilibill to Enter the Global Water and Energy Sector

AMCS, the leading global supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the environmental, recycling, and resource industries, today announced that it has acquired Utilibill, a leading Australian-based cloud billing platform. This acquisition complements AMCS’ strategy of being a valued technology partner for customers on their journey to net-zero carbon, resource sustainability, and the circular economy.

Read the press release