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AMCS technology brings significant improvements to your business. A statement we prove to be true every day. Stay tuned and read all about it in this news section.

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AMCS Platform Go Lives continue to build momentum across the globe.

Geoff Aardsma, New Vice President of Services AMCS in North America, talks about supporting customer project implementation in 2021


Towards net zero: how are we doing?

Net zero means emitting no carbon whatsoever, but some agencies use the terms interchangeably or else refer to net zero as the result of carbon offsetting.


AMCS Security Infographic

Why you need to make 2021 the year of your Security readiness


Security threats are growing

Traditional security approaches have failed us. The past year has challenged most organisations. They’ve had to extend their infrastructure to support remote working


IT security checklist for waste and recycling companies

How can you protect your company against cyber criminals if you don’t know where your vulnerabilities are?


Top Five Reasons why DesertMicro customers should consider AMCS Platform

Get ready for a new era for digitalization in waste management


A fine example of sustainable urban logistics

According to Gerard Veldhuijzen, sustainable urban logistics is all about cooperation, mutual trust, and coming up with creative solutions. “Pioneering. The role of ICT is important here. ICT can have a binding effect”, he concludes.


AMCS Waste Planner Lite –The Smart Solution For Smart Cities

This lightweight version of the AMCS Waste Planner brings smarter planning solutions for optimizing waste collection within reach for small and mid-sized fleets!


Top Ten Reasons why IWS customers have moved to the AMCS Platform

Here are ten reasons why IWS customers have moved to AMCS Platform in the past three years.

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