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Press release May 2020 Updated May 2021

Twente Milieu chooses AMCS SaaS solution for collection of underground containers

Twente Milieu is switching to the AMCS Fleet Planner SaaS solution for emptying underground containers. The waste collector, who also manages the waste flows for eight affiliated municipalities, is the first in the Netherlands to have used AMCS Fleet Planner for the dynamic collection of underground containers since 2013. The smart software dynamically plans collection orders and optimizes routes based on reports of full underground containers.

The upgrade to the state-of-the-art SaaS solution offers the possibility to continuously join in on new AMCS developments. ‘This allows us to respond more quickly to changing circumstances, such as the changing demands that municipalities place on our services,’ says Gerbert Stegehuis, Information Manager/Chief Facilities Manager at Twente Milieu.

Increase operational efficiency

‘The cloud solution also offers substantial improvements in both the forecast and the performance of the smart optimization system,’ Stegehuis says. As another advantage of the upgrade to the cloud, he mentions being able to drive the collection routes even more efficiently. ‘This reduces the need for collection vehicles and drivers that we can deploy elsewhere. That way, AMCS’s smart optimization software contributes simultaneously to increasing operational efficiency and to reduce operational risks. Moreover, because the number of kilometres driven and CO2 emissions are decreasing, the upgrade also has a positive effect on Twente Milieu’s sustainability targets.’

User-friendly cloud solution

reduces IT costs

He also thinks the user-friendliness of the cloud system is a great advance. ‘Our colleagues can use it more easily, which increases employee satisfaction and reduces staff turnover. Another benefit is that the system now runs in an online environment. This makes working without a workplace possible within Twente Milieu. The solution is available anywhere and anytime, ensuring continuity of operations. Planners, for example, can now easily pass on their work in case of illness or absence.’ The cloud solution also requires less effort from the ICT department. ‘We don’t need our own servers and networks anymore, which saves us operational IT costs. And now, whenever there is a problem, we don’t have to solve it ourselves either.

Rogier de Klein, AMCS Sales Manager: ‘We are very proud that Twente Milieu has opted for AMCS Fleet Planner’s SaaS solution for its next steps in the further professionalization and optimization of its services. It is a vote of confidence in AMCS, based on the successes we have achieved together in recent years. With the switch to AMCS Cloud, Twente Milieu is ready for the next steps in optimizing and professionalizing their collection of underground containers. We would like to thank Twente Milieu for their trust in us and look forward to a successful continuation of our collaboration.’

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