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Ostlandet Gjenvinning: We are looking at a long-term, win-win relationship

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AMCS Norway has a new working relationship with Østlandet Gjenvinning (ØG). Quality & IT manager Andreas Opsahl works at ØG on the AMCS Enterprise Management software and Intelligent Optimisation project together with Frank Bolsø and Tommy Grönberg from AMCS. It’s the first such collaboration since AMCS got in touch with ØG in 2016.

Profitable investment

While growth has been positive for ØG during the past ten years, the development and tuning of their processes have been limited by their IT systems. Why has ØG now chosen the AMCS Enterprise Management software and Route Planner? “Our potential to be the natural choice for commercial, public, and industrial customers is likely more achievable if our IT systems are more supportive of our processes,” said Opsahl.  “As the profit margins are decreasing, we need our growth to be cost-effective. Looking at our requirements, best practices, and wishes for future solutions, we looked at eight systems. After evaluating them, we believe AMCS Enterprise Management software and Route planner to be the most profitable investment. And the best tool for achieving our overall goals for the future.”

Servicing all markets

To what extent does working with AMCS Enterprise Management software cover the complete value and supply chain of the operation? “Almost completely,” said Opsahl. “We are replacing two of our former systems with AMCS Software. We do not have the same need for MS Excel and MS Access models and applications.” ØG is keeping the weighbridge management system while running the financial accounting and marketing systems. Does AMCS software continue to service all the markets where ØG is active? “Our markets are commercial as well as public, with industrial customers in the land-based sector,” said Opsahl. “We collect all types of materials for reuse and recycling. We also serve the private market with skips for short-based rental when they need to throw out the unsorted waste.”

Robust Solutions

ØG benefits from working with AMCS Enterprise Management software and Route Planner thanks to their strong solutions with outstanding added value for all the operations. “These AMCS tools seem to be explicitly suitable for our organization, our value chain, and our size,” Opsahl confirms. “It is crucial in the future for ØG to be competitive without squeezing our resources to the limit each day, and be able to set up our machinery to handle changes and development. We think the significant strength of the software is to help our employees use our competence efficiently. The processes are well-defined, and data/information is easily available. This will reduce our quality costs and improve management and business intelligence. With fewer kilometers run per customer.”

More satisfied customers

Opsahl has a clear view of the goals ØG aims to achieve with the AMCS solutions: “We aim to work more easily to achieve more satisfied customers, and to grow efficiently. Looking at these goals, AMCS is an important business partner for ØG, with AMCS Enterprise Management software being our main tool. Obviously, that makes AMCS one of our most important partners. What are the strong points we value in AMCS? So far we experienced a strong will to meet our demands. AMCS shows great competence in the professional way they are implementing the project. With a view to working with AMCS in the future, we look forward to seeing AMCS live up to our expectations. If it works out well, this will be a long-term, win-win relationship.”

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