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03 Dec 2020

Panhandle Dumpsters chooses AMCS Platform to provide the agility to evolve and scale their business.

The AMCS Platform will automate processes, maximize efficiencies across the business and improve customer satisfaction.

Boston, MA, United States, December 3, 2020 — Panhandle Dumpsters, a residential and commercial trash and roll-off business located in Martinsburg, West Virginia, has signed on to the cloud-based AMCS Platform, including AMCS Mobile Workforce, AMCS Customer Portal, and AMCS Pay. The company’s commitment to AMCS technology will enable it to improve their entire business process from end to end, optimizing efficiencies and customer convenience to position it for expanded growth.

Founded a few years ago in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, Panhandle Dumpsters provides residential and commercial trash collection and permanent and roll-off dumpster services. Currently operating 10 trucks, the company has experienced healthy growth, adding as many as 300 new customers per month.

The AMCS Enterprise Management to streamline its operations

A young company, Panhandle Dumpsters is determined to provide excellent customer service while continuously adding to their customer base. The AMCS Enterprise Management solution capabilities will streamline and maximize automation of the entire business process, providing the company with the agility to evolve and grow in a fast-changing market.

The AMCS Platform provides end-to-end visibility of the business, from the office to remote workers to those in the field. For this company, that means they can use just one solution to manage all operations. And because it is cloud-based, they are secure in the knowledge that the AMCS Platform will automatically scale as the company grows.

AMCS Mobile Workforce eliminates paper, increases efficiencies and customer satisfaction

A stumbling block to customer satisfaction, the company’s paper-based orders and route lists will be a thing of the past, allowing even new drivers to see their mapped routes on their in-cab devices and mark off each stop as they go, providing automatic tracking of operational data and proof of service. AMCS Mobile also enables the dynamic updating of route stops and orders. The results:

  • With the elimination of creation and distribution of paper orders and route lists, substantial time is saved at the outset.
  • Digitalized route maps and easy tracking of progress reduce skipped stops, driver churn, and overtime.
  • Real-time route and order updates reduce the need for extra trips, increases efficient use of trucks, and add to customer satisfaction.

AMCS Customer Web Portal

Once live, this self-service portal will empower Panhandle Dumpsters customers to access and manage their accounts online 24/7. Via the portal, customers will be able to make order requests and changes, manage and safely pay invoices, sign up for autopay, update their account information, and view their service and billing history. The convenience of the portal improves cash flow and provides a clear competitive advantage, boosting customer satisfaction and increasing customer retention.

AMCS Pay for improved cash flow, less revenue leakage

AMCS Pay will enable Panhandle Dumpsters to pay their suppliers and accept online payments from its customers conveniently and safely, with 3D Secure authentication and PCI- compliant service. The result, the company will broaden competitive advantages, improve cash flow, and staunch revenue leakage.

Single Vendor to Handle all Technology Needs Company co-owner and CEO Nathaniel McClain and co-owner Drew Johnson did their homework before approaching AMCS, thoroughly researching solutions from other vendors. The more they learned, the more they recognized the need to choose one vendor to handle all their technology needs.

According to Drew Johnson, “We knew from our research that AMCS has a reputation for building best practices into their solutions. As relative newcomers to the industry, we feel it’s key that we can depend on AMCS expertise to help us succeed.”

The owners were also looking for a provider for the long haul, and with AMCS being a SaaS cloud-based solution, they appreciate that implementation doesn’t involve on-premises equipment or building out a dedicated IT team. In addition, the solution automatically scales to accommodate growth, a major concern for this organization.

Another AMCS benefit: being dedicated to providing technology “specifically for the waste management industry,” says Nathaniel McClain. “We look forward to a future with AMCS technology helping us reach our goals.”


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