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22 Oct 2020

CJ’s Ventures chooses AMCS Platform as it embraces modern technology to handle growth.

A well-established dumpster and demolition company is ready to innovate and go to the next level, but first they needed to research their options.

Boston, MA, United States, October 22 — CJ’s Ventures, a roll-off dumpster and demolition company headquartered in Hueytown, Alabama, has signed on to the AMCS Platform and is rolling out Enterprise Management, AMCS Mobile, and the AMCS Customer Portal as part of their plan to go paperless and streamline their entire business with one vendor. After investigating other competitors, they realized that only AMCS could provide the one-stop shopping solutions for their needs. Equally important, they recognized AMCS’ sound knowledge of the waste management industry and broad experience implementing industry-leading solutions across the globe — solutions designed to support widely recognized industry and environmental best practices.

Founded 35 years ago, CJ’s Ventures is a waste management and demolition company that specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial waste removal. In addition, they offer construction site preparation. Operating in Bessemer, Birmingham, and nearby cities in Jefferson and surrounding counties, the organization had an impressive track record, helping hundreds of clients over the years.

For some time, company owner and CEO Clint Harris and office and operations manager Linda Lockart have been investigating ways to go paperless and streamline operations as part of the company’s growth strategy. They knew that their current tools — spreadsheets and siloed financial data, along with paper route sheets in the field — would not suffice.

The quest ends with AMCS.

The duo began their careful quest for the ideal solution. After much research and many demos from several other vendors, they knew they wanted to go with one vendor that could provide the comprehensive capabilities they needed in terms of the software, ease of use, the deployment process, and continuing support. They also knew that they had not yet found that solution provider.

Eventually, Linda approached AMCS, requesting a call. In a matter of days, after asking a great many questions and getting answers that checked all the boxes on their wish list, Linda and Clint realized that AMCS, with its AMCS Platform, was that one vendor that could give them such a comprehensive package. They selected:

  • AMCS Enterprise Management solution for managing Customers, Contracts, Pricing and Billing
  • AMCS Mobile for tying in dispatch, the trucks, drivers, and communication with the office
  • AMCS Customer Portal for providing customers with 24/7 digital access to a variety of services they have come to expect from vendors.

Solutions to satisfy the company, its employees, and especially its customers.

  • A robust SaaS/cloud-based solution with these benefits:
    • Efficiency, cost reduction, and far less downtime compared to on-premises deployments that require hardware, facilities, utilities, a large data center, and a large IT team.
    • Security and access control
    • Agility and scalability that automatically adapts to the needs of the business, eliminating the need to invest in physical infrastructure
    • Mobility, for greater access to data via in-cab tablets and smartphones, as well as devices for those working from home
    • Complete visibility and control of access
    • Effortless disaster recovery
  • Stem-to-stern waste management solution covering enterprise management for the entire business process, with automated processes and end-to-end visibility.

  • The Mobile solution, which will help them out tremendously, according to Clint, “. . . by enabling us to be proactive with our customers and eliminating the sticking points that we deal with now: missed pick-ups and overfilled containers.”

  • The Customer Portal, a great way to empower customers and maximize customer satisfaction. The portal provides account information, upcoming and past orders, billing information and the ability to pay via credit cards. This digitalization of customer service is almost a given, and is commonly offered by healthcare organizations, banks, schools, retail businesses, and service providers, and public utilities.

  • Deep industry expertise and best practices. According to Linda Lockhart, “The extent of AMCS industry experience and knowledge put us at ease when thinking about the deployment. And they showed us how much the AMCS Platform could improve the business in the future.”

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