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Van Munster joins AMCS Platform

Tablets and apps are the future

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Van Munster Recyclers is a family business based in North Brabant. In addition to collecting domestic waste paper, the company takes care of the commercial collection of paper, cardboard, wood, metals, plastic, and general waste, the focus being on sustainability and efficiency. It is for this reason that we are currently working with AMCS on large-scale digitization with the aim of achieving our long-term objectives. Van Munster selected the AMCS Platform, AMSC’s full product suite. It is a choice that is underpinned by the broad range of solutions being offered and AMCS’s clearly expressed vision about the future.

Enterprise Management

Harold van Munster is the co-owner and CEO of Van Munster. “The choice for AMCS was clear. Last August, after extensive preselection and market research, we decided to do business with AMCS. The presentation based on our shortlist showed that AMCS best met the framework of requirements within which our partners must be able to perform. We became enthusiastic about AMCS Enterprise Management after the IFAT trade fair in Munich. Why did we choose Enterprise Management? We used the shortlist to highlight a number of key requirements, such as the mobile processing of orders. Another important requirement was being able to access the customer portal within the ERP system. In addition, we sought a greater insight into our existing material flows. The system offers the options that we were looking for so we can obtain a greater insight in current stocks and even introduce forecasting.”

Optimum routes

The time has now come for Van Munster to make the complete transition to digital. Van Munster: “This is why we opted for Enterprise Management as the basis for our business. We use it to manage all our logistics operations that form the input for AMCS’ Intelligent Optimisation solution (Fleet Planner) to generate dynamic, optimized routes. In addition, the whole back office will be included in the transition. And that is good news for our office staff. Obviously, the added value of these solutions will still have to be proven, in particular as we are currently engaged in researching data migration. It mainly concerns drivers and customers being able to use a tablet to enter the data that they already have to hand in the course of their work, making it immediately available in the system. Our back-office can then process the data to check for any anomalies.”

Unambiguous data set

“The great strength of AMCS’ solutions mainly lies in their ambition to move all of their products quickly into a cloud environment. This will result in the creation of an unambiguous data set or a platform in which we will be able, for example, to use BI tools to access data. Meanwhile, AMCS can see which data traffic movements they are able to log. I believe their ambition perfectly matches our ambition to grow. Although we are a regional player and AMCS operates worldwide, we are just as good at aiming for data that is available anywhere at any time. This applies to ourselves as well as to our customers. It means we can finally say goodbye to the ‘human delay’ factor.

Data migration test phase

What is the key business benefit for Van Munster? “The huge mountain of paper that is now history, even though that may sound contradictory for a paper-processing organization. We think it is important to present our employees with something innovative, something which provides them with scope for growth. This raises the level of job satisfaction. It is also important that after putting the container back in the portal, our customers can see exactly what has been done. This replaces the situation in which with a bit of luck, invoices would finally land on the right desk several weeks arriving in the administration department. The data migration process is currently being tested. Obviously, this needs to be carried out thoroughly to avoid any build-up of backlog.”

Tablets and apps

Is innovation important to Van Munster? “We have actually been using technology to monitor containers for years. There is already a great deal of relevant know-how at AMCS, so we are certainly likely to pool our knowledge in this area in the near future. The Internet of Things is also sure to play a key part. Just like solutions that help our objective of achieving greater sustainability. Take a look at Intelligent Optimisation (Route Optimisation). We always tell our planners to see every day as a challenge to bring as much tonnage as possible to our business with as little mileage as possible. By using the AMCS Intelligent Optimisation (Fleet Planner) we will be able to manage that even better. What’s more, working with tablets is a must. Tablets and apps are the future. As a partner, AMCS is, without a doubt, going to be crucial to our continuity. A major benefit is that it is a large company with an established name and huge backing. Their in-house development program demonstrates their clear unwillingness to become dependent on other parties to make their products successful. I am really enjoying working with them.”

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