How do you all view partnerships with other tech providers? Are there things that AMCS can do when there are other vendors involved with a hauler to potentially harmonize technologies or improve the overall experience?

We absolutely see the opportunity to partner. If you think about where we sit, we sit as a central hub and across the core operations of most of our customers. At the core of those critical operations, we're helping our customers make the best use of data.

[As a software company], we’ve invested very heavily in having an open architecture. Three-plus years ago, we thought it was going to be really important for us to be more open and easy to integrate with other technologies. And so one of the innovations that we've introduced this year is a solution called Vision AI, which is leveraging artificial intelligence to help our customers identify contamination in the waste stream and recycling stream as it's going [into a truck].

There's two key actors in that solution: one is the device captures the image, whether it's a still picture or video, and two is the sophisticated software that's interpreting the image. So we partner with a variety of device vendors that are capturing the image. We saw that as something that we need to be open to, that a number of our customers have standardized on their trucks across their operations with different vendors. And so the collection of that data in that regard was not something that we were going to be focused on. We were going to stay focused on the use of maximizing the value of the data that those devices were capturing.

Learn more about AMCS Vision AI here or download the brochure below.