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AMCS PAYT Brochure

End-to-end Pay As You Throw solution for the waste industry


The Incentive to Recycle: The end-to-end Pay As You Throw solution for the waste industry

As municipalities and regions face an even greater challenge to increase their recycling participation whilst reducing their waste to landfill there is a growing driver towards “polluter pays” schemes.

One of the major challenges facing municipalities and operators in these regions is how to set up and manage these schemes where there has been no history of such schemes previously.

AMCS PAYT solution gives you everything you need:

With AMCS PAYT you can:
- Reduce administration costs
- Prevent bad debt issues
- Provide flexible billing and usage policies

Give customers easy-to-use payment methods such as:

- Web
- Retail
- Direct Debit
- Auto Top-Up

With AMCS Platform you can:
- Manage all aspects of the customer process
- Manage all vehicles and routes
- Integrate to Council Management and Reporting Systems


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