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AMCS Pay for TRUX Brochure

Making payments easier, cheaper and more secure for TRUX HAUL-IT and WEIGH-IT customers.

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AMCS Pay is our integrated multi-channel payment acceptance solution that allows operators to accept card, EFT, and ACH payments.

Simplify customer payment with AMCS Pay, our multi-channel payment acceptance solution, now available as an integrated part of Trux Haul-IT and Weigh-IT. Designed to facilitate secure card, EFT, and ACH payments, AMCS Pay makes it easier for your customers to pay while significantly reducing payment processing costs.

Benefits for TRUX customers include:

  • Works ‘out of the box’ with Trux Haul-IT and Weigh-IT – no middleware or IT effort required
  • Multiple payment types: Credit, Debit cards, ACH, and EFT
  • Multiple payment channels: in-person, online portal, POS terminals and phone payments
  • Reduce processing fees and improve customer choice with debit card processing for online, AutoPay, and MOTO channels
  • Simplify PCI compliance and ensure no customer data is stored on your network with tokenization and encryption
  • Ensure secure payment at the Weigh-IT scale station with an integrated Point of Sale terminal
  • Includes a competitively priced gateway and merchant processing service
  • Offers one stop shop for all your payment processing services

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