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Blog August 2020 Updated May 2022

Why SMBs need to move to the cloud with AMCS Platform

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Wim Hoek Product Marketing Manager

As the world moves forward after unprecedented times, stability and continuity are more important than ever to small- and medium-sized businesses. This is especially true in the Commercial & Industrial waste industry, a sector where constant change is the nature of the business. One problem that many SMBs suffer even during the best of times is inefficiencies in outdated ways of working.

Specifically, they use on-premise software, which holds them back. Adopting digitalization on the cloud must absolutely become a priority. This will help SMBs gain significant efficiencies that reduce operating costs while making them agile and more competitive.

The problem with how you’re working now

If you’re using an on-premise solution, integrating disparate processes is an expensive headache. Many SMBs avoid the costs and simply don’t integrate their processes. But now your information is siloed. This is not only incredibly inefficient, but it slows you down.

Resisting digital transformation, therefore, forces you to rely too much on paper processes, which are also slow and especially prone to errors. Another factor is your customer service. You’re unable to respond quickly to their requests, which doesn’t inspire loyalty, let alone customer satisfaction. You’re also placing more work on staff who could be handling other tasks.

AMCS Platform brings all your processes together, automating them and making you agile and able to react to any situation.  It also levels the playing field with larger competitors, giving you the same technologies that they’re using.

You’re no longer chained to your IT infrastructure

AMCS Platform is an end-to-end, best-in-class Software as a Service (SaaS). It’s an ERP designed specifically for the C&I and C&D waste management industries to give you insight into your business. You access it on the cloud. This liberates you from having to continually pour money into your own on-premise IT infrastructure. There’s nothing to maintain, because AMCS does all of that for you, 24/7. Nor is there any upfront capital investment.

Right away, you’re able to leap into present-day technology and future-proof your business. AMCS Platform is Microsoft Azure-based SaaS, so it’s off the shelf. This means it can integrate with our full suite of solutions or if you prefer, third-party solutions.

And as your needs grow, AMCS Platform scales with you, seamlessly, without any fuss. Updates are automatically made and AMCS takes care of security.  

Improving profitability

AMCS Platform works for both frequency-based services and on-call services. It supports solutions that handle every area of your business: contract management, price-indexing, route planning and optimization, IoT devices such as vehicle technologies, including a mobile in-cab solution, accounts receivable and so much more.

AMCS Platform enables you to collect data in real-time from these various resources, bring it all together, and analyze it to get a complete view of what’s happening in your operations. You can see where you’re leaking revenue, the profitability of each customer, and how you can reduce operating costs. You can increase customer satisfaction by up to 33%. Save on planning time by up to 75%. Reduce the number of miles driven, time spent on the road, and CO2 emissions by up to 25%. You can even reduce the number of vehicles you put on the road by up to 15%.

Implementing AMCS Platform

AMCS Platform comes with pre-configured settings based on many years of experience and industry best practices. This makes onboarding a quick process compared to other ERPs. (It’s worth remembering, this is an industry-specific ERP. It takes into account everything, such as reverse logistics, which a non-industry-specific solution just doesn’t do.)

Implementing AMCS Platform doesn’t take months. Migrating to the AMCS Platform doesn’t require a long-term commitment or planning. Depending on your setup, we’re talking a matter of weeks.

Your existing data isn’t lost. It can be formatted to migrate over to the AMCS Platform. Really, this isn’t as hard as you think. AMCS makes the process easy, helping you every step of the way to digitize your business. It’s what AMCS has done for hundreds of other waste management companies.

Working on the cloud with AMCS Platform is about making your SMB not only sustainable but primed for growth and agile enough to react to any situation or opportunity that arises. It operates on a SaaS licensing model, which makes your costs more predictable.

The main point to consider is that it’s not only about surviving but thriving.

AMCS Platform

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Webinar on Demand: AMCS Platform Overview

This webinar gives an introductory overview of AMCS Platform, the end-to-end cloud solution allowing for full visibility into your operations.

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