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Blog April 2021

Webinar on efficiency and sustainability of construction and demolition waste

Construction and demolition waste is one of the largest waste streams in waste collection and recycling. Many of the new secondary raw materials that this produces, such as metals, glass, wood and concrete, can be reused. In addition to contributing to sustainability, it also yields cost savings. During a webinar on February 11, experts from the AMCS Group will highlight solutions specifically for recyclers of construction and demolition waste. Central to this are improving the efficiency of waste logistics and increasing the sustainability of processes. The theme of the webinar is in line with EU policy. To make the move towards a circular Europe, Brussels will further tighten the guidelines for recycling in 2024, including for industrial waste and non-hazardous industrial waste.

Reuse easier by following waste and material flows

Technology can make an important contribution to both improving efficiency and sustainability. Possibilities include processing orders on the way with a tablet, weighing the contents of emptied containers on the vehicle, and sensors that are monitored with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This means that recyclers meet the EU requirements for tracking that material, such as plasterboard, including a full audit. Captured data is automatically sent to the ERP system, such as location, weight, date, and container movements. Because waste flows can be tracked with RFID, reuse becomes easier, which means that this technology contributes to sustainability.

Route optimization saves costs and contributes to environmental goals

Another example is intelligent optimization software that intelligently optimizes routes, reducing the distances traveled and CO2 emissions. The results are significant. For example, the number of kilometers driven can decrease by 25 percent, which reduces costs and reduces the impact on the environment. The combination with an ERP system for the waste industry streamlines the complete logistics of construction and demolition waste: from accepting and scheduling orders, route optimization, collection, registering incoming waste flows and outgoing materials recycling to inventory management. This allows recyclers to work more efficiently, thus saving on costs. It also saves work and time, allowing companies to do more with the same people. Because an ERP system provides continuous insight into the operational processes, companies can closely monitor processes that enable them to comply with EU guidelines. Because an ERP system digitizes paper processes, they also contribute to the circular economy envisioned by Brussels.

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Webinar: recycle construction and demolition waste more efficiently and improve sustainability

The webinar on 11 February will focus on the challenges faced by recyclers of construction and demolition waste, improving transparency in the recycling process, increasing the efficiency of waste logistics, and how smart route optimization contributes to this. The AMCS experts also explain how companies with smart technology and an ERP system, especially for construction and demolition waste, can automate and standardize operational processes. The result is substantial cost savings while the impact on the environment decreases. Furthermore, the webinar will discuss the benefits of combining route, vehicle, and mobile technology with an ERP system especially for recyclers of construction and demolition waste. Examples include offering better customer service by immediately passing through freight weights and real-time exchange of order information between the back office and the driver's tablet.

Would you also like to hear from the professionals how you can improve the efficiency of the logistics of construction and demolition waste and increase the sustainability of processes? Then register for the English webinar "Overcoming hurdles in the construction & demolition waste industry". The webinar is on February 11 at 2 p.m. Participation is free. You can sign up here.

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