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Blog December 2019 Updated July 2023

Van Dalen Huissen works with AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP efficiency

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Van Dalen Huissen will digitize and automate all operational business processes with AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP. With the standard software, the company can automate both the waste logistics and the entire administration throughout the organization, says senior sales engineer Frank Dusée, sales manager at the AMCS Group. "This was one of the reasons why Van Dalen Huissen chose the integrated system."

AFAS integration is a standard part of the software

Van Dalen Huissen specializes in concrete, rubble, and asphalt recycling, demolition, and asbestos remediation, among other things. The company worked with different software packages, Dusée knows. "Due to a number of developments, including the splitting of activities, the company was looking for an ICT system of which integration with AFAS is a standard part. Van Dalen Huissen will use the standard waste software to digitize and automate the entire waste logistics, including the planning of processing and transport activities, digital weighing in combination with the digital weighing ticket, and reporting to the LMA. The company will also use AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP to register the recycling activities, including the production and raw materials flow, and the stocks on site. Efficiency is a major benefit of choosing hybrid ERP, "he says. " With the advantage that planning and administration can work faster and easier, and save time. Practice shows that companies can do more with the same people as a result. The benefit of digitization is also that the knife can go into the paper mountain. This saves costs and contributes to the environmental goals of companies in the waste industry by reducing transport kilometers and CO2 emissions. "

AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP: nine standard connections

With AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP, Flemish and Dutch waste collectors and recyclers digitize and automate all their operational processes organization-wide: from complete waste logistics, including route optimization, to financials, CRM, and HR. AMCS-AFAS Hybrid ERP is a strategic collaboration between the core partners AFAS and AMCS that PieterBas Automatisering has taken over. There are nine connections in total so that the hybrid ERP of AMCS and AFAS works as one ICT system. For example, there is a central debtor and liability administration. Drivers who report sick in AFAS are automatically blocked in PieterBas. All connections are certified and are tested every 24 hours.

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